Saturday, December 31, 2005

Christmas at the Cabin, Day 9

Not much to say about today. Plenty of wind again overnight—this is getting really tiring. We’d love to have a day where we could strap on cross-country skis and go for an outing.

I shoveled snow out of the driveway to open it back up again. Luckily the snow is very dry and powdery, so a shovell-full is pretty light and easy to move around. If this were wet, sticky snow it would not be possible to shovel the driveway so easily. I also took Beastie and used the plow to move a few drifts in the local area. Actually, once you get out of the sheltered areas (like where the cabin is), there isn’t much snow left. It has blown to Kansas.

We went over to Dave and Deb’s for lunch. She had a great chicken noodle soup. We spent a couple of hours eating and chatting. It was fun.

The dog walk today was just to the “bottom”. I think they are starting to get cabin fever. Alex thinks Hailey smells good so he is being a pain following her around and jumping on her constantly. Sam is also getting cabin fever. He walks around the cabin knocking things onto the floor. He torments the other cats and attacks them when they are sleeping.

Dinner was a great burrito recipe from the South Beach Diet which is not posted to our recipe web site yet. We watched a long movie on TV then went to bed a little early and read. Lynne made us some coffee laced with bourbon, so that was a great nightcap.

The weather report is not good—continued wind, cold and maybe some snow. We’ve tenatively planned to head home on Monday instead of Sunday. I know, that sounds weird given the weather up here and the cabin fever that is setting in, but the weather is not a whole lot better at home, and the cabin IS cozy.

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