Monday, May 03, 2004

Dawg’s Deli

A new deli just opened up last week. It is located halfway between Loveland and Fort Collins in the industrial area that homes the UPS facility and the Veterinary Hospital. It is called Dawg’s Deli and is open for breakfast and lunch Monday-Saturday.

The official address is: 235 W. 67th Ct., Loveland. Their phone is 970-278-1481.

Lynne and I went there for lunch the other day and we were very impressed. They are a bit pricey but the food was great. Read more for the story behind Daw’s Deli.

Direct from their menu, here is the story of Dawg’s Deli:

“Dawg’s Deli was incorporated in February of 2004 by Randy Willer, a board certified veterinary surgeon and entrepreneur. Dr. Willer’s close friends refer to him as “The Dawg” or “Dr. Dawg” and consequently, when he made the choice to open a deli to serve the local business park it was only natural to incorporate this into its name. As a result, Dawg’s Deli was founded. Dr. Willer’s appreciation for the human animal bond has carried over into the theme for Dawg’s Deli as depicted in the name, the deli meinu, and the decor. It is located by his previously owned business known as VCA Veterinary Specialists of Northern Colorado.”

By the way, the chef and deli manager is John Deming, who was a chef at Nico’s Catacombs for 14 years.

I had the Black Lab Wrap, Lynne had the Chihuahua Wrap. Mine was a great ham and cheese wrap, while Lynne’s was more southwestern in flavors—and an immediate hit for us.

They serve fresh fruit, yogurt, muffins and bagels at breakfast; along with breakfast burritos and croissant sandwiches. At lunch they serve a variety of salads, wraps and sandwiches with all the trimmings and some awsome looking desserts.

Lynne and I will probably eat there a lot given the frequency with which we visit the VCA Vet Specialists! Dr. Willer did surgery on Indy a couple of years ago and we’ve spent time with every specialist there, I think. We joke that we are buying them a new wing for their hospital. The business was originally started by Dr. Willer and we suspect he has sold it and maybe even entered into a “non compete” agreement, thus the deli.

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