Sunday, September 15, 2013

Final Swim - 2013

It is a nice day today. In the upper 60s with mostly sun. No wind.

Mostly, we've been getting ready for our annual trip to our cabin in Colorado. But, we took a couple of minutes mid-afternoon to get in our final swim of the season. We cranked up the heater while we went for a drive in Mia, put Robbie in the pool to clean it up as best as he can. Then, when we got home, we got in the 85° pool and swam. I did 30-something lengths, I think Lynne did too. It was nice, but it is time to give it up for the season. Leaves are starting to fall and nights are getting very cold. It would cost a fortune to keep it going any longer. So, goodbye for this year, we'll see you at Memorial Day next year.

Dennis comes to close the pool tomorrow.

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Posted under: New Jersey • by Rick on 09/15/2013 at 01:05 PM
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