Monday, July 15, 2013

Sleep Number 0

We have a Sleep Number bed. Have had it since we moved to New Jersey in April, 2006. A Sleep Number bed is nothing more than a glorified, permanently installed air mattress. Still, since I like a firmer mattress than Lynne does, it has allowed us each to select our own level of comfort.

Recently, I noticed my side would deflate some overnight and throughout the day. Each night I'd need to adjust my side from a number of 45 to my comfort level of 60. 

So, yesterday I decided to follow some troubleshooting procedures to attempt to isolate the leak. I was not successful, but in the process did something that caused my side of the bed to completely deflate overnight. I tried pumping it back up a couple of times, but within minutes would be back to an empty air bladder. So, I had an uncomfortable night on a mattress with a Sleep Number of 0 -- not fun.

This morning I took it apart enough to refit all the plumbing and inflated it back up to 60. We'll see what it is tonight, but I can't spend another night tossing and turning in the equivalent of a hammock.

I hate mattress shopping, so am not sure of the next steps if I can't fix the mattress we have.

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