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Thursday, September 02, 2004

My Thoughts on the War in Iraq

It seems there is a lot of “revisionist history” being written around the Iraqi War. When Mr. Bush decided to invade Iraq and overthrow Saddam, the stated reason was to “find and eliminate weapons of mass destruction and preemptively stop an imminent terrorist attack on the United States”. Clearly, neither of these was true. So, the new reason for the invasion is to “eliminate a brutal dictator who was suppressing and oppressing the people of Iraq, torturing people, engaging in mass murder, etc.”—All of which is true, but was not the original reason for the invasion.

And, if that is the motivation for invasion, then what are we going to do about Sudan, or Iran, or North Korea, or any other place in the world where brutal dictators are oppressing the population, engaging in torture or ethnic cleansing, etc? Are we going to impose the same high moral standards on them that we applied to Iraq and Saddam? Are they the next targets for preemptive war? If not, why?


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