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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Rest in Peace - Alex; 10/24/2002 - 9/8/2013

Today, we had the sad task of letting Alex go. Just a few weeks before his 11th birthday, he was in too much pain and too weak to let him go on. In the end, the lymphoma got him, but he put up a very brave fight for a couple of months. 

He was fine just a few days ago. Well, "fine" given that he was undergoing chemotherapy for the cancer. But, he was eating, running around, playing with his toys. Here is a video of Alex with his toys.

Sometimes it seems like it just isn't worth it having pets and losing them. But, I've come to believe that a few hours of crying, a few days of pain, and a lifetime of occasional sad reflections is really a small price to pay for the all of the companionship, joy, laughter and unconditional love they provide.

PS: Here is a cross link to Lynne's post: http://www.rickandlynne.com/rick/go/lynne/index/alex

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