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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Shopping Around Pays Off

Since our recent trip to Cancun, we’ve been exploring Mexican food more. And, not the typical Tex Mex or even the food like I grew up on in New Mexico. But, more fish and pork and sauces.

Some recipes call for slow roasting meat wrapped in banana leaves. So, I went in search of banana leaves. I started online, of course (although we did check to see if Goya had any in our local ShopRite.) Banana leaves come frozen in 1 pound packages. The worst deal I found online was for one package for about $5.00 and, since they must be shipped frozen, about $40 in shipping. The best deal I found online was for 3 packages at $3.50 each ($10.00 minimum order….) and $30 shipping. So, that would be just over $40 for 3 one pound packages.

Lynne had a great idea suggesting I check a local Asian food market that is less than a mile from where I work.

Sure enough, they had one pound packages of frozen banana leaves, imported from the Philippines. The woman dug one package out of the freezer and rang me up. $1.29 including tax.

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