Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Playing with a new toy

New camera toy! It’s a Lytro! Click on the back leaves to change focus to the back then click on the front leaf to change the focus there! Give it a try!


Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Good Home for a Pileated Woodpecker

A month or so ago when our friend Carolyn was here we took a walk through Skylands.

IMG 6263
Shadows on The Avenue of Oaks taken two days ago.

We started our walk through the Avenue of Oaks. When we go to the small pond known as Duck Pond Rick spied a huge nesting box on a tree. He wondered aloud if it was for the Pileated Woodpecker that he and I had seen and heard on a previous walk in the same area. You would not be able to see the nesting box when the trees are leafed out!

(If you’re not familiar with the Pileated Woodpecker, it’s the woodpecker that Woody the Woodpecker was modeled after in the cartoon. They are beautiful, striking birds (no pun intended) but very shy.)

Just as the words were out of his mouth we heard the woodpecker … knock, knock, knock on a nearby tree. Then he let out his signature laughing call. We watched him as he flew from tree to tree. I tried to get a photo but these were the best I got on that day. Can you see him?

IMG 5814

IMG 5815

But here are some photos I took several years ago of one that was right on our street! I was lucky to have driven by him on my way home and he stayed there long enough for me to go home, get the camera and take these shots from the car. I don’t expect to get shots like these ever again! Pure luck!

IMG 8971 01


IMG 8968 01


IMG 8975 01

Since the day we saw the box from the road I’ve wanted to go back and take a closer look, so the other day that’s just what I did. The minute I entered the area I heard the woodpecker. This is one busy bird and obviously very territory driven. I didn’t even try to get a photo of him as he continued to scold me as he flew from tree to tree.

The forest around his home looks like something out of the Hobbit.

IMG 6278

I was walking around where I knew we had seen the nesting box and was just not seeing it. I had reached the end of the pond, so I turned around for a look behind me and that’s when I finally saw it on a tree right on the pond’s edge.

IMG 6297

I needed a closer look at the reflection of the sky in the pond!

IMG 6294

I was determined to see the nesting box from the front so I crossed over the inlet to the pond on slippery rocks and walked to the opposite side.

IMG 6301

I’m sure they planned the entrance to the box so that people couldn’t manage to peek inside and disturb the birds. You’d have to be in the water in order to see inside! Not that I was planning on upsetting them or sticking my face next to a hole with a large-pointy beak inside of it!

IMG 6303

It looks like a lovely place to live doesn’t it? I might just have to have a stake-out to see him closer. Anyone know how to build a bird blind?

Here is a link to a pileated on a backyard suet feeder that is worth watching for a really close-up look at this amazing bird. Watch out though at the beginning of the video—he comes in very fast!


In response to some questions, yes I did post the woodpecker pics on my blog but it was years ago. Here is the link to that post.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Endings and Assorted Disconnected Things

IMG 2799

The biggest ending is of course the loss of our sweet cat Sam. I still have not done a tribute to him here on the blog. Soon.

IMG 4407
Assorted leaves hanging out before the pool was closed.

The pool is closed for the season. Its winter cover keeping it tidy for the autumn and winter seasons to come. It’s sad, but it was time. Next year we are looking to install a heater to add several weeks on to the beginning and the end of pool season.

IMG 4411

Yesterday also was the end of my photography classes. I wish they offered a more in-depth class to hone the skills I learned but they don’t. So for now I’ll just have to take what I did learn and practice on my own. I was amazed how so many people can talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. They can go on and on about this and that about their camera, throwing all kinds of terms around, but when it comes to actually taking photos they aren’t very good! Yesterday we had to go out into the parking lot and take photos of textures, reflections, patterns, lines and etc. and then come in and do a slideshow. It was enlightening for sure. One girl who claims to have a job in a photography studio didn’t even know what the hot shoe was! She also did not share her photos with the class. (It was optional to share.)

It’s also the end of summer. Even when the days get up in to the 70’s the air is different and you can tell the heat has lost its punch.

IMG 4472
My neighbor’s tree.

Little mushrooms are popping up in the yard.

IMG 4443

Apples and fall fruits take over the farmer’s market.

IMG 4461

IMG 4462

In other news, Sam’s death kind of took away the excitement and pleasure of seeing my photo/s in print in two local newspapers. They actually did use them!

IMG 4452

The Trends reaches has a large distribution and reaches our whole county. They used their staff photographer’s photo on the front page (boohoo, but hey they have to pay him!) but used my photo on the inside.

IMG 4453

I was also surprised and pleased to see that their affiliated paper, Aim West Milford, that is local just to our township used both photos I submitted. (Also on on inside page.)

IMG 4456


IMG 4457

I was very pleased. And proud. I am thinking they had a lot of photo submissions for the fire and yet they chose to use mine.

So, that’s it for today. Kind of a mish-mash, but there you have it.



Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Plans: Final Update

I have to admit, we were lazy.

But we did manage to achieve goal #3 of camping out in the cabana by the pool Saturday night. We both fell asleep listening to the cicada and cricket symphony, only to be awakened shortly before midnight by Bella’s one bark. She wanted to go and in go to bed! So we stumbled around half-asleep and closed up the pool and headed inside.

Sunday morning we got up and drove to Warwick, NY for the Sunday farmer’s market per usual. We weren’t yet sure about the Ren Faire but we had plenty of time to decide.

IMG 4116
What’s wrong with this photo (it’s also the reason I took it)?

This is coming in to my favorite time of the year for the market. Lots of things to choose from! We came home with zucchinis, a striped eggplant, a small butternut squash, a fresh log of goat cheese, some poblano peppers, lettuce, parsley, bread, a free range chicken, and a flat iron steak, all of which will feature in our meals in the upcoming week.

IMG 4115

Once we got home we realized we just weren’t in the mood for the Ren Faire. After our full day Saturday of canoeing and lots of swimming we just wanted to relax. We’ll go next weekend since we have three whole days to choose from.

We managed a little bit more of goal #4, which was to swim since it was a beautiful day. Doesn’t the water look delicious? The temperature is holding at 75 degrees right now and once you get in and get wet it feels really good.

IMG 4119

A few more weeks and the pool will be closed. Boo.

When I picked up my camera yesterday and started changing the settings for what I knew I was going to be taking photos of I realized that I had left the camera on settings I had not intended while taking my Green Turtle Pond photos. No wonder I had so many where the color was off and lots not in complete focus! Duh! The bad thing about having more knowledge about my camera’s numerous setting off the manual modes is that, well, maybe I have too much knowledge! Check thy settings, Lynne, every time you pick up the camera!!

Hey, third photo class tomorrow: White Balance and Composition!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wing Walker

IMG 3879

No safety line. No parachute. Incredible!

IMG 3885

IMG 3870



IMG 3888



IMG 3919


See more about Jane Wicker here.



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