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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bella gets a phone (or not)

wow! i heard mommy and daddy talking this weekend about how they should get a ‘berner’ phone for the cabin. my own phone! (since i am a bernese mountain dog better known as berners.) i’ve always wanted my own phone so i could call up and bark at my friends. right now i can only bark across the street to finn and molly.

IMG 8481

i could even call that stupid dog tucker at the end of the street if i had my own phone. i think tucker has a crush on me.

i know mommy gets tired of my barking so i’m sure that’s why she decided to get me my own berner phone! i think it was supposed to be a surprise but i was listening closely to their conversation. after all, they were talking about the cabin and the cabin is my mostest favorite place on earth. it has long walks to take where i never have to be on a leash, a pond to swim in, cow and elk poo to eat, chipmunks to chase and maybe even a snow bank still left to slide on. gosh, so many things to do. now i can keep in touch with finn and molly super long distance! i am so excited it makes my hair stand on end!

IMG 8482



a little bit later on ...

i guess i was wrong. i am not getting my own phone after all. after mommy read this post she told me that they were talking about a ‘burner’ phone not a berner phone which i guess is one they can just buy a few minutes on and then throw away. she said their normal phones don’t work at the cabin and they need a different one. i am so disappointed! oh well. my paws are too big anyway for all those little numbers.


Cuz Bella, we doosen’t have a phone either. we are not aloud because we might call yus guys. barking is more better anyways.
love & bones,
lucy & sookie

cuz’s lucy & sook, great bulldog speak! barking is my favoritest thing. specially at finn and molly. they are irish and don’t know any better.

P.S. dad told mom I need to be taught how to use the shift key whatever that is ...

LOL @ “cow and elk poo to eat”!!

Bella’s conversation has made my day - it is so funny and the daftest thing is I can just picture it!!!!

Steve, well ... it’s true! We have free range cattle going across our land and the dogs love the large presents they leave behind. Dried or fresh, it’s still tasty to them! The elk is easier to get away with eating since it’s small nuggets. wink

Joyce, glad she made your day. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping her away from the computer.  I can picture her with a phone too!

Bella always makes me smile! 
(Not too nice in the Fort City again today.  A bad fire up the Poudre has us full of smoke and ash….so sad)

Debra, I heard about the fire from our neighbor Donna in Sand Creek. They had smoke from the fire too. It is sad. And so many beetle kill pines to go up in flames. It’s scary. Glad Bella made you smile! wink

What a great post!

Helene, I’ll tell that to Bella for you!

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