Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cherry Red & White

Cherry Red White

IMG 3490
Our new Cherry Red T@B, that’s what!
IMG 3479
Well, this particular one is not ours but we did order one just like it yesterday. Woohoo! I can’t believe that we actually did it. 
IMG 3488
We did go to the RV show in Suffern on Saturday. They had a different model there and not the one that we were interested in. The one at the show was the clamshell model which has the kitchen outside under a lift-up hatch. It’s cute, but we wanted to see what the indoor kitchen was like. We talked to the dealers there who were out of Cortland, New York and we learned more about them. Plus, we got to see the construction and workmanship for the first time. We both have to admit to having a Lucy & Desi moment when we first saw it because it was smaller than we had envisioned it being. And, as we had feared, Rick can’t really stand up completely.
There was another teardrop shaped trailer at the show that we had not seen before, the r-Pod and it was nice too. It was larger and heavier and even had a slide-out (which of course adds to the weight) but the craftsmanship was not quite up to par with the T@B. The upside of that one was that Rick could stand and it had a larger fridge and a built-in convection microwave. 
We came home and talked and talked. Rick had us do an exercise that narrowed down what we really wanted in a trailer and what was most important to us. We also talked about where and how we would be using it. There really isn’t any storage to speak of (or very little) which would cause a few problems on any kind of long trip with it, but we would just be going locally — Vermont, NY, Pennsylvania, etc. 
We were planning on driving up to Cortland to see a model that they had on site at the dealership, but I started looking at other T@B dealers that might be closer to us. I found one in Pennsylvania that was a mom-and-pop one that was only about a two hour drive from us, and it showed on their website that they had the exact model we were looking for. They were open yesterday and since Rick had the day off for President’s Day, we drove down to take a look. 
Not having the clamshell kitchen in the back made the living space roomier and the bed larger. Plus, there was surprise storage behind the back headboard (which folds completely down for the bed, or can recline on a slight angle for watching TV). It has radiant heat, a flash water heater, air conditioning, flat screen TV and DVD/Bluetooth radio. The table folds down to become the support for the bed or can fold down completely, or taken out and used elsewhere.
IMG 3485
The kitchen has a decent sized sink, a two burner cooktop with a hinged cover/backsplash, and a nice sized fridge which works off battery, propane or electricity. Cabinets above and one large one under the sink.
IMG 3467
Here’s a view I took sitting in the corner looking towards the front of the trailer. You can see the bathroom on the left.
IMG 3472
IMG 3501
A peek into the wet bath. The toilet is just to the right of the sink.
IMG 3469
All cabinetry is made of birch wood.
Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking? Where do the dogs fit? We’ll make it work. Bella sleeps on the bed now every night with us anyway and Hailey sleeps on the floor. Plus, we will purchase the screen porch attachment for it and the dogs can have that space as well. It’s not like we are going to be sitting inside all the time while we are camping. Good thing we kept all those x-pens from our dog showing days as they will come in handy now.
Ours should arrive in early April so I’m sure you’ll be seeing more photos then. I plan to start a blog called  (follow) The Tracks of Our T@B where we keep a journal of at the places we go.
IMG 3496


Congratulations!  Can’t wait to read of your adventures…... here’s a block that you might be interested in, although their camper is HUGE in comparison… but you might get some ideas.

Maggie, thanks! Hmmm…. am I missing something? I did not see a link? This isn’t our first RV but certainly the smallest we’ve ever had. I see another blog post in the making here!

It’s very cute!!!  Now maybe you will be able to get to Mystic Pizza and I can meet you there for a slice!

P.S.  You talked about the dogs.  What about Ebay??

Love the title of this post. (very clever)  Answer: a Cherry Bomb (sorry, but that is my name for the little trailer and I’m stickin to it!!!!  How cute is it that “I go where I’m towed to..”

Am so excited to see this little ruby (another name!)


Mystic PIzza,,, yes!

We have not forgotten eBay kitty. We are just not sure she’d be happy for just a few days. We will probably leave her home where I think she’d be happier if it’s just overnight. She might like it as Rick and I have discussed. The issue is where to put the litter box! smile

Big sis: Cherry Bomb is cute but also makes us think of it blowing up which isn’t such a good thing. smile Yes, I fell in love with the tag or *T@B* line of “I go where I’m towed to.” You’ll get to see her since she’ll be brand-spankin’ new when you come!

No…. I am missing something…. here’s the link: http://just5moreminutes.com/blog/
rme at myself.  smile

Maggie, oops, I thought I turned on your comment yesterday but I guess I forgot! Thanks for the link, that is one luxe airstream those people have! A true home on wheels!

Cute! I love the look of it, and I suppose it’s not a huge deal that Rick can’t stand all the way since, as you said, you won’t be inside all the time when you use it. (Of course, that’s easy for me to say. smile )

It will be interesting to see how both of you and the dogs fit in there! I can’t wait to read updates!

What a cute little home away from home.  I know how much you are going to enjoy it and now I wonder if you will be bringing it up to the cabin for a guest house?  wink

Steve, we don’t think the standing will be a big deal for exactly that reason. I will find it interesting too to see how we all fit!

Donna, Hello there! If we brought it to the cabin it would make a great little guest house! I’m just afraid that guest might be a pack rat! smile

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