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Sunday, June 17, 2012


I see many differences between where I am now and where I’ve been. No, I’m not getting philosophical on you, I mean literally, not figuratively.

Sometimes though I might think a little too deeply. Like how it’s weird that while I am living somewhere else, live goes on without me where I used to live. Two different timelines that converge once in a while. I’m not sure if I can even properly explain it. For any one who has traveled a great deal I think you will know what I am saying. It boggles my mind to think about of all the people you pass while crossing the country, people just like you, are going about their daily lives and you know nothing about it or them.

Okay, on with what I really sat down to write about.

Let’s start with what I am doing right now. Huge computer screen and a mouse. Something I have done without for three weeks. I am used to blogging, getting email and virtually living through my iPad2. Pretty amazing really. All my photos were captured through it too. All 1,565 of them. It took me a bit to get used to such a large screen when I first booted the computer up last night. Even now I almost long to go back and blog from the iPad. It seemed cozier somehow. Easier.

Carrying right along with that thought process is where I am blogging from. At the cabin my blogging place/desk was the counter-high table at the cabin in front of the large windows that looks out onto our newly cleared space. From that viewpoint I saw the remaining beetle kill pines, slash piles from the clearing process, chipmunks and ground squirrels running across a few of the trees that fell over during the winter, using it as their super highway, and in the distance was the outline of Bull Mountain.

IMG 1536

Now my view (if I turn around from the computer) consists of green, green and more green in the nature of our hedge in front of the house, the big old oak tree and the expanse of green lawn that peeks through now and then from the other green chaos. My computer desk is piled with various stuff. At the cabin we are so pared down that now all this “stuff” seems excessive. Sorry, no pics; no camera. Just picture it in your mind.

Different bird song.

Silent hummingbirds vs the broad-tailed at the cabin which make a busy whirring noise with their wings.

Trees and limited views as opposed to sage and open vistas.

Two-lane tree-lined winding and twisting roads vs straight, wide roads sans trees. (I have no clue why Colorado has such wide roads and the speed limits are so low.)

67% humidity vs 10%.

Fireflies in the grass. They don’t exist past a line somewhere around the mid-West.

Triple the living space.

IMG 1531

A dishwasher instead of the dishwasher being Rick or me or both.

IMG 1537

Automatic coffee maker instead of putting my mom’s old Corningware percolator on the burner and remembering to turn the gas down once it barely starts to perk.

Lush ferns vs dried grass and sage. (Again, no pic but you would not believe the fern growth since we were gone!)

King bed vs Queen bed. (Ahhhhhh)

IMG 1538

Possibly a new bear vs deer and moose. (Yes, according to neighbor Kim we have a bear again. I thought as much since my hummingbird feeder was taken down with a few claw marks on the deck railing before we left.) Please bear don’t come around until I have a camera again!

A grocery store within 10 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

I’m sure there are more, but for now that’s all that I can think of.

It is more of an adjustment after three weeks than you would think!


How wonderful!  This is charming!!!!

It’s great to see all the interior shots of your cabin. What an amazing space. Do you use it in any way aside from these few weeks during the summer? Seems such a shame to have such a beautiful retreat sitting idle the rest of the year, but then, it IS a long way from you. (No, I’m not subtly hinting at renting. smile )

It is such a cozy, inviting place. If if were closer I’d want to run away to it…NOW!

Helene, thanks we kind of like it!

Steve, yes all one room of space; 1,000 square feet of it! No, we don’t do anything else except vacation there right now. It’s not an easy place to rent even if we wanted to since you’d have to know how to work the battery system, etc. It *is* a shame that it just sits there fork most of the year, I agree totally.

Bigsis, you are not in any way a countrified girl and you would hate the isolation. You might enjoy just sitting inside and reading tho! wink

Oh your cabin is so lovely and cosy - an ideal holiday home.  It’s always a good feeling to return home though!

I’d love a little cabin like that - just in a little warmer part of the country!  Really like the bed.  You’ve got more kitchen cabinets than I have now!

love, love, love your headboard/footboard!  Thanks for letting us visit your cabin smile

Maggie, I love it too. The mattress…not so much. The bed I bought in a store in Ft. Collins (CO) that was a gardening store that had eclectic stuff. I fell in love with the tin ceiling panels. It’s one of my favorite pieces in the cabin even if it is only queen-sized. smile

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