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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fire truck Santa

Geez, we just had the scare of our lives. We heard sirens blaring and they were coming right down our quiet little road! A fire truck drives slowly by our house like he’s looking for a fire. We dash to the windows and peer across the street at the Murray’s but all looks well there, then over to the Corbett’s at the end of the cul-de-sac. Nope, not there either. The dogs are going nuts and Bella is scared. What is that awful noise mommy? Make it stop!

I look out the window just as he’s driving back past our house and see a figure on the front of the fire truck. It’s wearing red and it’s waving at me. Good grief. It’s SANTA! I wave back laughing with a strange sort of glee. It’s only after he is past our house and I see him stopping in the front of the neighbor’s down the road that I realize the reason for this strange visitation. Oh, now I get it. Probably looking for donations since we have only volunteer fire departments up here. I wish I known what it was all about because if I had I would have run out and given them something.

New Jersey is weird. Scare the living daylights out of people with sirens and horns with Santa aboard. That’s life in a small town!


And here I thought he was just looking for some more cuddles from Bella!

Bella looks so cute with her ‘baby bad hair’ in her Santa photos.

We are in the minus digits temp-wise setting all sorts of records.  Just fyi!  Sun is out, blue sky, but no melting.  Good days to be laid up and in.

I don’t know what happened to your comment.  You know I would post any and all comments that are half-way civil and made any sense.  I am such a comment monger!

I heard it to and then looked outside and then i understood—i saw cops up our street this morning so I was confused but then I got it once I saw Santa. Yep, there’s 6 Fire Companies and they get 15 grand each from the town every year. Barely enough—that’s usually why they’re out asking for donations.

Even though it was almost 60 today, we had a “snow day” friday. First it was a delayed opening and then once a bus went off the road in UGL she cancelled school. It was raining her around 7:30 when I woke up (I wasn’t setting my alarm—getting up at 6 and finding out there’s no school doesn’t make it easy to go back to sleep)and looked outside. Kind of lost.. then I talked to some friends who said the mountain got hit with an ice storm; power lines and trees were down. But i was very grateful =)

Luke, we went over Clinton Road on Saturday morning and the trees still had plenty of ice on them. Didn’t see any power lines down but it was obvious some trees had been across the road. It was beautiful with the sun shining through the ice. I got one good photo I will post tomorrow.

Any day out of school is a day to be grateful!

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