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Saturday, May 26, 2012

First Day: Elkhart, Indiana

“Indiana wants me ... Lord, I can’t go back there…”
Remember those lyrics?
I have nothing against coming back to Indiana. In fact, it’s quite a nice state to drive through. Pennsylvania is a bear. It’s big. It’s usually packed full of trucks and lots of hills to go up and back down again.


Given that it’s Memorial Day Weekend, the traffic was pretty light once we got past the Pocono Mountains.

Sam threw up about 15 minutes in to the trip. Of course. He always gets car sick the first day out. Thank goodness I did not feed either of the cats this morning. I have learned the hard way even though it sounds cruel not to feed them.

We put three states behind us today in 11 hours of driving and 600+ miles: New Jersey (naturally it didn’t take too long), Pennsylvania (about 6 hours) and Ohio. We are about 60-some miles in to Indiana and tomorrow will tackle the Chicago area early on a Sunday morning, so that should be a piece of cake. Then it’s on to Iowa which is not much fun either since it’s very hilly, and finally the huge state of Nebraska. We’ll get 1/2 way through that state in to Grand Island tomorrow night. Once all the “I” state get past us we start to feel like we are truly in the West.

Pizza delivered in our room tonight which was absolutely delicious! The cats are adjusting better on the first night in a motel room than they usually do and the dogs have been fed, pottied and pottied again. Everyone is settled down now. One more out for the dogs and we can all lay our heads down and (hopefully) get a good night’s sleep.
So, as to the photo above: can you figure out just what is going on here? We did survive this scenario ...


Glad you survived the oncoming truck!  Maybe you were in one of those cartoon cars that go up like an elevator and then comes back down on the other side of the truck??!!  Thought about you today hearing that it’s supposed to be 95 in Indianapolis tomorrow!!1 Hot drive!  84 here today, but 75 tomorrow.  We had one quick downpour while the sun was shining.  Safe drive again tomorrow.  Nighty-night!

Hmmmmm, I hope that truck is being towed.  If not, someone has a lot of explaining to do.  Safe travels!

I second Helene’s comment re. the truck—that was my guess as well!

Do you let your cats out of their crates in the motel room? I did that once and my cat got under the bed and wouldn’t come out. I had to disassemble the bed to get the cat back into its crate!

Well, I can’t figure out the truck situation, but it doesn’t look good. Was it broken down on the wrong side of the road? Where did you order pizza from? Yum.

I’m glad you all survived the ‘truck’!!!  Hope you had a good nights sleep in preparation for your next day of travel.

Haha, you guys!

Helene, you are correct!  smile

Steve, we do let the cats out to roam the room and only once could we not find eBay. We finally found that the drawers holding the TV had a false open bottom which of course we could not see by just looking behind it. That one had us going! Most rooms now have beds that are closed off, so that helps. I just noticed our room tonight does not have that so we might have to fish out some cats from under the bed in the morning! The poor things are cooped up all day that I can’t bear for them to be so again at night.

Bigsis, we ordered from what I guess is a pizza chain in Indiana: Marco’s.

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