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Monday, January 23, 2012

First snow of the season

What do you do with a photo of house finches all with their mouths open?


We had the first snow of the season that started in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday and ended after noon. It left behind about 7 inches of fluffy white snow in its wake. Finally! It was lovely to have nowhere to go and to just sit by the fire and watch the flakes softly falling.

The birds were very active and we both had great fun watching them and trying to capture them in photos.

IMG 6908
female cardinal and junco

IMG 6953
male house finch

IMG 6911
male cardinal

The dogs enjoyed the snow too! Here are Alex and Hailey on the deck. If you look closely you can see Bella down in the yard.

IMG 6918

Repeating patterns!

IMG 6930

IMG 6925

Our new little electric snow shovel (that acts like a snowblower) made cleaning off the deck an easy task. It worked like a charm!

Yesterday it did not get above freezing and cloudy so there was no melting going on. This morning it is already above freezing as I type and we are supposed to have temperatures in the 40’s with rain and fog. Easy come; easy go I guess. It was nice while it lasted!

IMG 6944
leftover snow on our bathroom skylight


Great bird photos!  I tried taking some through the kitchen window - which is the only spot I can hang a feeder and see it.  I didn’t have much success but then I’m in desparate need of a new window (without the scratches, etc.)  Our snow (about 4 inches) is all gone courtesy of the rain.  I’m not anxious for more…the snow blower was DOA Saturday morning.  Again, great pics!

Hi Helen, thanks! The photos were taken through our sliding glass doors which are not really all that clean, so I am surprised that it doesn’t show up in the photos! Our snow is slush right now.

Our rain didn’t start until evening.  I looked out before I went to bed and there was still quite a bit of snow.  I woke up in the morning and the snow was all gone except for a couple of piles where the shoveled snow was dumped.

Great pics - what beautiful birds you have. Snow has been forecast for the north of Scotland but hopefully it will miss the south of Scotland!  The dogs look as if tghey have been rolling in the snow - obviously enjoying it.

What can I say? I’m jealous!!! We have had 5 straight days of rain,fog,drizzle and above average temps (yuck). I know your snow didn’t last, but one of the most beautiful things for me about snow is watching it come down. Love the Snow Dogs!

Well, Bigsis, don’t be jealous! It just made a mess of the yard. It’s raining now, and it’s supposed to be in the 50’s. Not winter at all! It was lovely watching it fall. The dogs are just plain silly when it snows.

Glad you finally got your snow!  We are getting snow again today but with way too much wind.  Not my favorite kind of snow storm.  I went to Sand Creek yesterday with some friends.  Was actually able to drive to my cabin.  Some roads were closed but I was happy mine was open enough to check on the cabin.  Made me homesick…hated to say hi and bye to it.

Debra, I know they haven’t had much snow up in Sand Creek. Glad you were able to make it to your place if only for a brief hello. It’s special up there. I just wish people could all live in the peace and quiet and get along!

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