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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frankenstorm Sandy: More Trick than Treat

IMG 5474

Geez. What is it with New Jersey and October storms? Last year’s “Snowtober” left us without power for five days. Not to mention Hurricane Irene a few months before that in August followed by tropical depression Lee. Now Sandy the Frankenstorm is bearing down on us and she definitely has New Jersey in her sights. Kind of scary! (No pun intended.)

With the news media harping on and on about Saturday being Prep Day we thought we’d get a jump on things.

Rick bought the last generator in stock that they had in Home Depot Thursday. I went to the grocery store bright and early yesterday morning to beat the crowds and before the store sold out of water. I got dog food, canned veggies, pasta, hamburger and things easy to cook on our propane burner camp stove. At that hour of the morning there was hardly anybody there.

Question is: do we have enough in case we are without power for 7 to 10 days like they are preparing us for?

We still have plenty of oil for the oil lamps and batteries for all the lanterns.

We’ll need to split some wood for the wood stove. Not only does it provide heat, but we can keep a kettle of hot water at the ready.

Rick stopped at the gas station (along with everybody else in NJ) yesterday and filled up the remaining gas cans and top off the Suburban. They were so busy that the attendant told Rick he’d have to pump his own gas (which is illegal to do here in NJ). No power = no gas so everyone was rushing to fill up their cars and gas cans for their generators.

I’ve started a list of all the things that still need to be done outside to prepare. Bring in canoe; bring in figgy; do something with the potted flowers on the front steps and on the deck; turn over steel lawn furniture; take down ghost flag, etc., etc.

IMG 5576

Inside the list includes filling all the large water containers, collecting all the lanterns, oil lamps, flashlights, the percolator (got to have coffee!), the tea kettle, wash the remaining load of laundry, stock the wood stove wood bins with split wood. Whew, I know there’s more but it will come to us as we work along.

Also added to the list today is the person who is fixing our driveway pillar is supposed to be coming.

With all this prep work in place, Frankenstorm Sandy is sure to miss us! But I have a funny feeling she won’t. And we want to be prepared. Camping in your own home is not as romantic as it sounds, that much we know for certain!

IMG 5424

Photos top to bottom:
Silly Halloween blow-up at a farm near the Warwick Valley Winery on Sunday.

Our ghost flag with burning bush hedge in the background on Thursday.

Our witch sticker on the sun room door.

UPDATE AT NOON: Pillar is in place! Photos of that process coming. Kind of creepy that all morning long we’ve had small planes flying over the house as a result of people evacuating their aircraft to a safer place from the local airport. Makes it all seem real instead of the calm day we are having before the storm.



Your ghost flag is so cute—friendly, not scary. The witch sticker is kind of creepy, but you know me.

I really hope the storm doesn’t come your way, but if it does you sound prepared. I can imagine everyone running around getting all their supplies, since last year was such a devastating surprise.  Can’t believe they asked Rick to pump his own gas!!

Don’t forget the wine!

Bigsis, no doubt that Sandy is coming, we just don’t know all the particulars yet, but at this point she’s not going to miss us.

I got on to check out your ‘prep’ post and there were two other posts I hadn’t seen.  How did I miss all those?  Pretty pics all!  Stocking up on canned goods here too.  No generator - we didn’t lose power with Irene.  Hoping we will luck out with Sandy too.  Knock on wood!

C, not sure how you missed the last two days of post, but oh well! Glad you liked the pics. We did not lose power with Irene either, but the Snowtober thing really did us in: lesson learned. I am thinking Sandy is out for blood. Or is that sand?

At least neither one of us have to worry about storm surge!  That’s going to be the big worry in low lying areas.  Don’t forget to charge your cell phones just in case!  grin  How’s that turkey coming?

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