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Friday, August 02, 2013

Frogs on Friday

IMG 0353

It rained yesterday—our first rainy day since summer began. It came down softly, all .41 inches of it. I had the windows open but it got so chilly and damp (in the 60's) that I had to close some of them. Weird. We kept the pool covered for all the good it did. Now the temperature is down to 75/76 degrees F. Brrrr.  

We also had to fish out seven, count 'em, SEVEN frogs from the pool and one of them was just a baby. I sure hope they aren't breeding in there. I told them, hey, this isn't a pond, it's a pool! Ridiculous! Of course they all scoot into the deep end to make it even harder to catch them. Rick is really good with the net thank goodness.


 Photo: Splashing fish fountain at Skylands.


I had a frog take cover in my garage.  Unfortunately, it decided the perfect place was under my car tire :(.

Kathy, well I think our seven live frogs make up for your (I assume) squashed one. wink

Do you still have any water in the little stream that runs behind your house?  If not that may be why they are migrating to your pool.  Get much rain yesterday?

C, there might be a little water in it but I don’t think they are coming from there. They kind of show up whenever, and more when it rains. It rained in the morning on Saturday then cleared up to what turned into a beautiful afternoon.

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