Monday, May 28, 2012

From 650 to 8,650

Elevation of feet above sea level, that is! That’s quite a climb.

We have arrived at our final destination tonight. You could say we “just blew in” because the wind was ever present again today. But instead of pushing us along toward our goal, it was trying to blow us off course. Ugh. I. hate. wind.

Despite the wind’s efforts, we arrived in Laramie around noon and after minimal grocery shopping, headed out about 1:00 from Laramie to the cabin.

Here is the main road once you leave the pavement:

Free range, dude!

Of course, as predicted, our internet would not connect. sigh. Rick spent a good hour on the cell phone, standing outside to get a signal to figure out the problem. We have a flex program where we can deactivate it without canceling our service: six months on; six months off. Apparently when we turn it off once we leave the cabin and unplug the modem, it loses its brain and when we plug it back it it resets to a default thereby losing all our information and settings. Hopefully now we have it figured out for the next time this happens. Even though we have to pay for six months while only using two to three weeks of that, it’s worth it to us to stay connected.

Here are a few photos off my “new” camera of our journey today.

Finally, my pic of the sun coming up.

Sign at a rest stop almost to the Nebraska/Wyoming border at the edge of the dog walking area. Anyone care to walk any further? (One woman not named Dorothy talking to her dog named Alex instead of Toto: I have a feeling we’re not in New Jersey anymore.)

Road sign between Cheyenne and Laramie, Wyoming on I-80.

This always cracks me up when we drive by. We heard on the news a few weeks ago that this little town was recently sold. We only hope the new owner is not married or they will have to change the population to 2.

You’ve got to admit that this “town” doesn’t look like much. Good old Buford, Wyoming!

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments over the past few days. I will get back into my routine of responding to comments and visiting your blogs by tomorrow!

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I love how Buford’s one resident is trying to capitalize on his fame! That’s so American, somehow.

Those look like happy cows. It’s so rare to see a happy looking cow.

Great pics as usual, but my favorite is the one of that pretty cow sporting on-trend earrings!

Steve, yeah Buford is pretty strange! We’ve never stopped in. Maybe we should but just a gas station and store is not too exciting! The cows are happy. Happy and very dumb!

Bigsis, leave it to you to find fashion in a cow! wink

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