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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


IMG 7226

That describes the world outside my windows today. And oh yes, please add in the word rain as well. At least it didn't turn out to be a big wind and rain storm as predicted, so we mostly slept blissfully without being wakened by wind whipping around the house, or by being aware of Alex's breathing and every little movement like we did the entire night the night before. You know, right, the watchful feeling when a dog is still feeling the effects of having been under anesthesia? This morning, like us, he's  …well … right as rain!

I am however feeling a little housebound. I am so ready for spring! Spring is such a sweet season here in New Jersey.

So ready to walk in the yard without putting on boots or some kind of overshoes or slipping and sliding my way around.

Ready to throw open the windows and hear sweet birdsong.

Ready to hang laundry on the line outside again instead of over the shower curtain rod in the guest bathroom.

Ready for the peepers to sing me to sleep at night.

Ready for the fireflies to light up the yard. (If you want a good laugh at me, follow the link!)

Ready for rides in Mia.

Ready to celebrate the pool opening.


But, I have to wait. After all, it is only the end of February. I am getting impatient!

Isn't it strange that the very season we longed for at its beginning with its need for cozy wood fires, warm jackets and gloves, watching  movies, reading, jigsaw puzzling and comfort food is the very same one we are so eager to be rid of now. Thank goodness for the four seasons!


(photo: Abandoned House: Skylands) I liked how the wall was comprised of two different kinds of haphazard stone, as if there was a huge hole (or garage under the house?) that they filled in. I found the textures and colors interesting.


I’m ready too!

I know you guys are ready for spring/summer, but I would like a little more winter, please.  Once spring starts here, it is one l-o-n-g season of really warm (hot) weather.  Guess I sound like a sourpuss, but I’m hoping for a cooler summer this year here in NC.!!

Well, you know, here in Seattle grey is pretty much a way of life.  Sigh…

Despite our having a mild winter, I’m so excited to see the first signs of spring here. Little daffodils and tulips pushing their way out of the earth, happy primroses blooming…it makes the grey all worth it.  Soon, Lynn…very soon you will have your spring.  smile

Bigsis, I know how you feel down there in the south, but really, we’ve had enough this year. Hopefully your summer won’t be blisteringly hot!

Susan, welcome back! I am not sure I could live in the great Northwest. You have spring happening already? I think ours is still a few weeks off. We still have patches of snow. Thanks for stopping by!

I always find that just about the time I can’t stand any more of the weather, the season changes. They seem precisely timed to our tolerance levels!

Well said, Steve!

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