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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Greetings from Grand Island, Nebraska

Two hard days on the road of 10+ hours each day have landed us in one of our favorite hotels on the trek westward that we stumbled across last year: The Rodeway Inn in Grand Island, Nebraska. The trip so far has been uneventful (unless you count Sam throwing up in his crate on Day 1) and basically easy. The most traffic we’ve encountered was in Illinois. Plus, there is only one rest stop, and a really great one for dogs at that, but it was closed. Boo on Illinois!

Lots of trucks, which I hate. Especially when they swerve around in their lane into mine and then you are not really eager to pass them. I’ve thought of a way to entertain myself while Rick drives and that is make a bunch of placards which would basically grade their driving skills and hold it up to show them as we pass. Things like “stop texting!” “you’re doing a great job of driving” “don’t do that again,” etc. You get the idea. They might even get a kick out of it if I’m careful not to tick them off. What do you think? Of course if they are busy texting they won’t be reading my placards! We saw some people in cars reading maps, books and what looked like actually doing work with bunches of paper flying all over the place. What are people thinking do all those things as they hurtle down the interstate at 70 mph?

We were walking the dogs in the dark last night when I thought I saw a cat by the dumpster. I said something to Rick about “watch Bella because there’s a cat over there” when I saw another furry creature come tumbling out of the dumpster. Oops. Not a cat, and neither was the first one. Raccoons! Have you seen that commercial on TV advertising eyeglasses where the woman calls “here kitty kitty, come snuggle with mommy” and she lets a raccoon inside the house instead of “kitty”? That was the first thing that popped into my mind.

We’re about to order in Dominos’ to our room. This time we’ll try and call the Domino’s in Grand Island instead of the one in Kearney like we did last year. oops! Some guys right outside my window with a lake view are going to take advantage of the BBQ facilities lakeside and grill some burgers or hot dogs. The weather is lovely this year instead of the pouring rain like last year.

Anyway, I am rambling because I haven’t slept well for two night now and am very road weary. I’ve read this over but I am so tired I can’t tell if I made any sense or not. So, I am going to close for now and help Rick decide what we need grocery-wise for the next four days or so at the cabin. Please forgive my errors or lack of sense-making!

Next stop: the cabin!


Sounds like you’re having fun on your journey.  My daughter & I arrived in CT late last night. A few stressful hours in our travel but we are doing good now.  Pretty area. Take care.

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