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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My new “do”

hi. it’s me; bella. i wented to the groomer’s to get prettied up for company. i want to know what you think of my new hairstyle.

IMG 8062

i’m not sure i like it yet. i need your opinions. maybe you should see it from different angles.

IMG 8065

IMG 8066

IMG 8067

what do you think? if you think i should keep my new look tell me quick before mom takes the thinning shears to me head!

IMG 8069

somehow i get the feeling that mom was making fun of me ...


Dear Bella, mom here. Whatever would make you think that? I think the groomer missed a few things. smile

Cuz Bella, doosn’t let anyone make fun of you, not eben your mom. we like the do. we wishes our hair was long…..
hearts & bones,
Lucy & Sookie

Hey cuz’s Lucy & Sookie: mom’s not really making fun of me. well ... maybe. yous could have some of my hair. i have plenty to give.

I’m thinking you need a new groomer… Or clearer instructions.  “PLEASE DO BELLA’S EARS.”  Maybe a post-it note.  Or a sign.  wink

Elizabeth, should I “post-it note” it on Bella’s head? Usually the groomer does a great job and trims out all Bella’s silly “fuzzies” but she was not well this time (the groomer), so I think it got lost in the details. Or fur. Or ...

Oh Bella you look ever so pretty.  I must say the pictures made me chuckle tho as you look so cute.

Dear Joyce, don’t worry, i make mommy chuckle too.

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