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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Night Swim

IMG 0572

Just so I can remember.

Outside temperature: a lovely 69.5 degrees: humidity 71%

Which is very cool considering our temps of the past few weeks.

Pool water temp: 84 degrees.

You do the math. 

Air temp vs. Pool temp = heaven

30 lengths of the pool.

Cicadas singing.

No bats.

One firefly. (Obviously still looking for love in all the wrong places.)

Alex bringing me "Pink Bunny" today. Also helping me cook dinner.

Air conditioning off for the first time in one month. Windows open.

Perfection in one blessed day.

I don't know if it gets any better.


Photo:  Lily pads and rain drops at Skylands today.


A day to remember, definitely! smile

At first, I was skeptical about getting in. It seemed like so much work and likely cold. Why not just go to bed and read?

But, as soon as my feet were in the water as I walked down the stairs into the pool, I knew it was a good idea to get in. The pool water was warmer than the air temperature, making it feel like a warm bath. And, crystal-clear water is so silky and nice as you swim through it.

I started with a goal of 10 lengths, and like Lynne, ended up doing 30 and still did not really want to stop.

The cicadas are getting a stronger voice while the fireflies are all gone, but one poor guy who does not realize the bar has closed and everyone has gone home.

Ah! those lilly pads! I love how you captured the water droplets on them. The late swim sounds lovely. (Can you almost feel fall whispering to you?)

We had another collossal thunderstorm around 7 last night. Geez, when are they ever going to calm down?

So cool this morning - thermometer at 59 when I got up.  Windows open, no AC.  Actually had HOT tea and HOT oatmeal this morning!  Enjoy it while it lasts!!

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