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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Photos from out and about in Sand Creek

I’ve taken so many photos over the past week that they are all screaming and crowding around me saying pick me! feature me! that I finally have to cave in. So here are a collection taken in the area of our cabin. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy visiting the real places like old friends each time we come.

More big sky and clouds, sorry. (on our property.)

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Vertigo. Which way is up? (Our other parcel of land.)

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Driving around Sand Creek Park and Chimney Rock (aka Camel Rock).

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

My mom was so fascinated with this old falling down ranch-ette that she dreamed about living here. I think the only things that live here now are packrats. Still, a piece of history.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Mr. Pronghorn (or antelope: Wyoming’s fast food)

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Rick wanted me to take a photo of this no fanfare border crossing. I think I am taking this from the Colorado side of the border.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Okay, most of the photos are finally appeased (except for Dick the Tree who is still whispering sweet nothings in my ear, but he will just have to wait. He simply does not fit in to this post.)

Did you enjoy your three minute tour?


It’s amazing to me that a three minute tour takes way more time than that to edit and post!  Great photo of the prong horn.  However did you get him to pose for you?

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