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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Resurfacing, Strep, Etc.

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Sorry about the lapse. Did anyone miss me this week? What I thought was just a cold or sinus infection turned out to be strep. So, I've not been feeling the best to say the least. I finally went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon and after one look at the pus on my right tonsil, she swabbed it for strep. The test came back a faint positive, but she said she was going for strep and the treatment as such. Three days in on the antibiotics and I am starting to come around to feeling human again. 

It didn't come at a very good time considering my mom-in-law is here visiting. Not that it stopped us much from going and doing as we had planned, but by Thursday I was dragging my butt behind me. I'm sorry I haven't been around to anyone's blogs but I just haven't felt good enough to sit and concentrate on much of anything. The pressure in my sinuses has been enough to blow my head off.

My mom-in-law's luggage finally showed up at 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night (she arrived Friday morning). She was so glad to see her own clothes again. Rick did have to take her out shopping for essentials and since those first few days that she was here were pretty darn chilly we loaned her some outerwear items. Not that she is needing them the past few days which have seen temps rise into the high 80s! She has seen quite a spectrum of weather since she arrived. We are all now huddled inside with the A/C blasting.

The 17 year cicadas have arrived and are starting to make themselves known. They mostly "sing" in the mornings and they sound different than our normal July/August cicadas. Rick found one by the shed and got to stare into its red eyes, but I have only managed to find the papery husks left over from them molting. They are more of a continuous hum than the back-and-forth banter of our own normal ones. When we first heard them I thought they were a machine running somewhere close by. I find it soothing but Rick finds it disturbing, like a plague about to land on us.

Still no fireflies. Rick and I thought we saw one the other night, but every night since when we look for them we see nothing. My mom-in-law has never seen one so we are hoping they will still make an appearance either tonight or tomorrow night before she has to leave.

The pool was opened on the 20th of May and the temperature was 54 degrees. Today we swam (yeah!) and it was 72 degrees. The new cabana is wonderful and hopefully I will have some pics to share this week.

I have more to say but I think I've at least caught you up a bit now. This is the first time I have felt like sitting here long enough to blog.


Photo: This tiny cat door was seen on our food tour of NYC last Sunday. I thought it was very cute.





So glad you are feeling better. Don’t suffer next time even if you suspect sinus infection. An infection is still an infection:)!

Wonderful that you had swimming weather today. The pool is really heating up fast. Happy that Rick’s mom has had a chance to enjoy a variety of weather, especially being in and around your lovely pool and cabana.

No fireflies here yet, but I will start looking for them.

Winery and Warwich tomorrow?


I’m glad you have resurfaced! Yes, I did miss your absence, though when I look at your blog now I see that I missed your last couple of entries somehow. They must have been on days when I was too busy to read! Anyway, glad you got the strep sorted and you’re feeling better, and glad your mother-in-law’s luggage has arrived. (What a drag!)

That’s not a REAL cat behind the cat door, is it?!

Glad you finally went to the doctor and that you are on the mend.  Of course we missed you!!!!

Steve, no it isn’t a real cat. Someone posted a pic of a cat above the tiny door. The door is real though!

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