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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Separated by 13 hours and leftovers

I am sure you are scratching your heads about my title. Right now Rick is in Japan. His night is my day and vice versa. When he calls me upon rising on his morning, my night is just beginning.  A bit strange. Right now he is already starting my tomorrow. He is eating sashimi and I am eating leftovers.

I should know by now that buying frozen food I am not going to like it. Yet again, while in Trader Joe’s yesterday I bought a frozen chile relleno thinking it sounded good. For 45 minutes my would-be dinner cooked in the oven. Cutting into the chewy, too-old poblano chile, I knew before it reached my mouth that I was not going to like it. Ugh. In the trash it went. I ended up warming up pasta and homemade sauce that I made last night. I hate eating on my own! Maybe it has to do with being super picky about what I eat. But I refuse to eat things that don’t taste good. It’s just not worth it!

The dogs and I went for a walk after dinner tonight. Today was quite warm here, around 80F and sunny. The past few days have been rainy and the dogs have not been able to even get out and do their normal thing. Yesterday while it was raining heavily Bella went to the door and woofed. I opened the door, she peered out and sniffed, then turned to look at me like WTF? Sorry, kiddo. I can’t change the weather. Here are Alex and Hailey chilling out from their walk. I love Alex’s “frog-dog” position.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Anyway, sitting out on the deck while the dogs cooled down from their walk was very pleasant. The cool but humid air and the peepers singing their froggy song from the woods washed over me like a calming balm. So soothing. Puffy clouds scudded by in the sky vying for space with the moon that looks like a pie sliced in half.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

My eyes scanned the yard for fireflies, but as yet, none in sight. Since everything else this year is two weeks ahead of schedule I was hoping that they would show up early. Too soon, I guess.

All too soon it was dark and time to come in. Here is the moon just before I came in.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine my husband nearly half a world away in the daylight.

P.S. More to come on our trip but I am thinking everyone is getting bored by now of more photos ...


hahaha - frog-dog!  That is a great descriptor!  If I had a heavy fur coat, I would probably want my belly next to a cool surface too!

Great photo of the moon! The rain in Tokyo cleared in time for me to see it too!

I agree most frozen food you buy taste really bad.  I know I have bought some things that if my eyes were closed I would have no idea what it was even supposed to be.  It just tasted funny. Glad you had a “back up” plan in the fridge.

Ha. I wrote about time today, too. Love being on a wavelength with you.

Forget the frozen food! It sucks. And you SHOULD be picky about what you eat - you are placing it inside your body! That thing they say, that you are what you eat? Absolutely, literally, true!

Hope Rick will soon be on his way home.


I’ll try one more time ... been trying to comment - time, great moon pics, you should be picky about your food.

Other attempts were more fleshed out, and more clever.

Jan, Alex is the only dog we have that does the frog imitation. He does it while crossing his front paws.

Thanks, honey! wink

Debra, I keep trying to like frozen food but I can’t.

Reya, you did come through at least once! Sorry the comment thing was giving you troubles! And yes, time is a strange thing ...

My cat Superman does that pose! It never gets old- always cute! I can never get pictures of the moon to look that amazing! Please keep posting pictures of your trip- I’ve loved looking at the ones you’ve already posted and the descriptions. Thank you for sharing them!

Jess, bless you dear girl! Telephoto lenses are a big help in photographing “la lune”. Beware, more photos of my trip coming. Be so very careful what you ask for ...

I saw a couple fireflies while you were on your trip during those almost-90 degree days!

The ‘frog-dog’ pose is quite funny actually. Wonder if they look for warming the belly in that position.

Luke, cool! I’m still waiting…

Anil, welcome to my blog! Not quite sure how you found me? Actually it’s more of a cooling off the belly position!


Very nice blog with some eye catching photographs.

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