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Friday, July 20, 2012

Skylands: Summer Visit

IMG 2248

I had an intense urge to take some photographs (thinking mostly flowers here) and what better place than Skylands Botanical Gardens only ten minutes from my house?

I always enjoy going over to Skylands because I never know what I am going to see. Every season varies with different blooming cycles.

I did a lot of experimenting with aperture and shutter priority and various lenses. I’m never quite sure how they are going to turn out. Sometimes I come back with not much to show for my visit but a bunch of disappointing images. But sometimes I come back with several good images and a few surprises thrown in.

It was hot hot hot on Tuesday when I decided to go. The bullfrogs were croaking in their slime-covered pond. There were a few cicadas making noise and lots of different bird song. I heard a wood thrush (my particular favorite). And this cardinal with his equally as beautiful song was my constant companion as I made my way through the perennial beds.

IMG 2281

I didn’t even realize he had something in his mouth until I downloaded the photo! See? A surprise! Also proof that you can still sing with your mouth (or in this case, beak) full.

The perennial beds were glorious!

IMG 2267

But it did seem that everywhere I pointed the camera I captured bugs! See the little green bug on the flower above? More surprises. And in the photo below features a tiny bug as well.

IMG 2265

Other creatures were also enjoying the blooms like this Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth.

IMG 2288

And HUGE bees.

IMG 2296

Not sure if this is some kind of monster mosquito or what, but I was really trying to get the texture of the cone of this flower. I love the honeycomb texture.

IMG 2307

Color, color everywhere I looked!

IMG 2292

I loved the tiger lilies!!

IMG 2301

I went on to spend about an hour with the water lilies but those shots are for another day. I was sweating like crazy by the time I finally gave in and walked to my car. I’ll be going back again soon but maybe on a a day when the humidity and heat aren’t quite so bad!




Beautiful photos (even the flowers) smile I love the hummingbird moth and have never seen one. As for that alien-looking mosquito or whatever-ewwww. He was just going about his business, so I shouldn’t pass judgement!

I love the tiger lilies too!  Maybe that’s a vegetarian mosquito!  grin

Nice selections! (You have to realize Lynne comes home with hundreds of photos of which many are very good. It is a tough job editing down to a dozen or so for the blog post!)

Bigsis, thank you! I know flowers aren’t your favorite subject!
I know-he is ugly but he was in the way of my photo! We normally have the hummingbird moths on our bee balm in the back yard but I haven’t seen any so far this year.

C, maybe ... I’m just glad he wasn’t interested in me.

Hubby, aww, you’re so sweet!

I must have missed this post.  Great photos - love the one of the hummingbird moth.  Your birds are so colourful - I remember seeing a red cardinal in my brother-in-laws garden in Canada.

Hi Joyce, I think quite a few people missed this post because I was putting posts out daily, and even once I posted something twice in one day. Thank You for your kind words. Cardinals are the most colorful bird we have here in the east. They aren’t seen past a line in the Midwest. Kind of strange! They have a beautiful song as well.

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