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Monday, June 09, 2014

The Pool is Open : First Swim

The pool temperature was hovering at a very chillly  65 degrees F since its opening. It took until Friday to really have Robby the Robot clean it completely. We fired up the heater Saturday morning and set the temperature to 80 F. It took it most of the day to reach 78 F, using less propane than we thought it would, which is a good thing given that it doesn't come cheaply. 

We put the rest of the cabana curtains up early Saturday morning and got all the furtniture inside. How do you like our little backyard paradise?

We waited until after dinner to take the first swim of the season — with suits on, I might add. It felt really good but we both could only do ten lengths before calling it quits. It's something we have to work up to. We waited and watched for fireflies but they did not make an appearance. The frogs were our only entertainment.

On Sunday, after a trip to the Warwick Farmer's Market, we brought the L@dybug up from the back yard to the front in preparation for our trip to Mystic this weekend. Johnny does double duty as a tow vehicle!

We had lunch poolside:

  • Strawberry Arugula Salad (with fresh berries from the Ringwood Farmer's Market)
  • Goat Cheese (from the Warwick Farmer's Market)
  • Slice of baguette (also from the Warwick Market)
  • and fresh cut flowers from whatever we had blooming in the yard.

Then we spent the better part of the afternoon in the pool. The pool temperature was perfect and the day was a beautiful one. Just perfect for pooling.

After a dinner of delicious ceviche and pisco sour, we headed out to the L@dybug to sit and chat for a while. We took the phone out too and called Rick's mom. While we were on the phone with her the dogs were inside barking their heads off. At first we thought it was just jealousy that we were outside and they were not, but finally Rick sat up a little to look out the window and there was a bear walking by! Oh my, how exciting! It felt weird to be sitting so close to it in the L@dybug. It looked like the same bear that we saw two weeks a go. Of course, I did not have my camera or I would have gotten some great shots of him, but RIck was clever enough to look back at the footage of our weather cam to see if it caught him passing by. And it did! (Sorry for the tiny picture.)  Just strolling through our front yard unfazed by the barking dogs. 

It was a great weekend!


When you were sitting in the Ladybug and the bear walked by was the door open???  BOTH of you would have been in for a surprise if he’d walked by the door!  I’d definitely need a mojito after that!

Your pool area looks beautiful, and I love the wildflowers and of course the bear! I guess they’re pretty blase about dogs because they hear a lot of them as they wander around.

It all looks so lovely.  Wish I could be “pooling,“too!

Our fireflies started coming about 2 weeks ago around 9PM.  Love them and could watch them for hours, but they turn their lights out early!

C, no the door was not open and anyway the bear walked by on the opposite side of where the door is. That would surely have been a shock!

Steve, thanks!

Bigsis, wish you could pool with us too. Maybe the fireflies are just slow this year. I hope they still come.

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