Thursday, September 29, 2011

Two days left

Aspen Glow!

We only have two days left for our stay at the cabin and one of those is now mostly gone as I type this afternoon. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been here almost two weeks already. Time surely goes by fast.

Today I am posting aspen photos and dog photos. The aspens seem to glow from within. They are truly beautiful. And the dogs, well, their joy in being here shines through their cute faces. Enjoy!

This photo is the aspen grove on our adjacent piece of property (the one that the cabin is not on.)

Aspens right outside our bedroom window. These are all babies, springing up where our older aspens have died out. They are growing fast and a source of joy for us.

These aspen are in the bottom (as we call it) just down from the cabin and we see them on our walk “around.” These were taken just this morning.

A new perspective! Taken pointing up.

You can get an idea of how massive some of these really old aspens are by this one that fell down two years ago.

At the top of our driveway. I think you get the idea that it is truly a golden world we are living in right now.



Hailey! Not too many photos of Hailey. She usually doesn’t stand still long enough. Plus she was embarrassed by her poodle cut tail. (She had surgery to remove a growth about a month ago.)

Click on a picture to enlarge it!

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What gorgeous color!  I see some beetle kill trees in these photos, but also see lots of others that appear to be just fine.  I know all of you are going to hate to leave!

The aspens are so pretty—they look all lit up! And the dogs look happy, too.  Enjoy your last 2 days.

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