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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Warm Bodies : Warm Days

Pretty columbines that just popped up in my flower bed this year.

That's sure a strange title, eh? Well, first the Warm Bodies part. It's a movie that we watched this weekend that finally ended up on HBO. I guess it wasn't exactly a big box office hit but we had seen previews in the theater for it the last time we went and we were intrigued. Not enough to see it in the theater, but still, we were curious. It's a zombie movie and we really aren't into zombies. This one is a romance of sorts and how the love of a good woman can bring any zombie man back to life. It's funny, it's well acted (it takes a lot to be able to look good staggering around like a zombie), and we found it bizarrely uplifting. I highly recommend it. In fact, we liked it so much that we burned it to a DVD so we can watch it again whenever we want to.

The weather for our 3-day-Memorial Day Weekend was pretty much perfection. We had the warmest days of the year so far with low humidity and bright blue skies.  We grilled every single night and sat outside on the deck to eat. Very, very nice. 

We tried out Rick's new early birthday present: a portable pizza oven that runs off propane! It cooked that pizza in no time flat to perfection! Yum! Plus, since it's portable we can take it camping with us if we want to, which I think we will do when we go to Mystic in mid-June. It heats up to 800 degrees F. Pretty slick.

Other meals included kebabs with steak, peppers, mushrooms and onions; hamburgers with potato salad. We ate well and healthily.

We did a lot of chores over the three days including mowing the lawns, weeding out the ferns in the flower bed that were taking over, setting up part of the cabana (we'll wait to hang the curtains until after the pool is openend and we've power-washed), buying flowers for the pool deck and the railing planters and getting them potted, going to to Warwick Farmer's Market, and I'm sure there is something else that I am forgetting but for now it escapes me.

Bella helps with everything, of course. Especially with the yard work and outdoor grilling.


Your weekend sounds like mine.  Except for the movie which I’ve also seen on HBO.  It’s been on for a while - or maybe it was on, then off, then on again?  I enjoyed it too!  Pretty good for a zombie movie.  Oh yeah and also except for the part about Rick and Bella helping!  And also the part about getting a pizza oven.  Well I guess it wasn’t anything like your weekend after all!  grin

C, you are too funny!

Awww, look at Bella! What a beautiful girl. As for that pizza oven, I’m glad it specifies that it’s for outdoor use—something heating up to 800 degrees inside sounds a little scary!

Pizza oven…. sounds intriguing… must explore!

Knowing the wonderfully airy, yet crisp pizza that Rick’s pizza dough renders, I can only imagine what pizza in this oven must be like!  Can’t wait to find out…YUM.

PS if you bring the pizza oven to Mystic, who needs Mystic Pizza??!!

C, haha, you’re so right!!!!!!

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