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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

White Space

Rick is in Vegas all this week at a trade show. So, while he’s away I am turning what used to be a white space into a more colorful one. The guest bedroom!

IMG 7937

IMG 7938

When we moved into our house everything was a shade of white. Off-white, but white. The walls were white, the curtains (made out of nice white sheets) were white. We’ve gradually changed all the white walls and white curtains out to be more of our taste. I’m not quite sure why I waited so long to give the guest bedroom a boost.

I like to paint but I am a messy painter. I need to mask everything off which takes quite a bit of time. Yesterday I bought the paint and tape and proceeded to mask the room. Then I trimmed out all the windows, doors and electrical sockets. I hate the trimming task! Ugh!

Today it’s on with the rolling, hurrah!

I ordered a new bedspread, dust ruffle and pillow shams for the bed and new curtains for the windows. Only problem is that it all needs to be ironed and I am not an ironing sort of girl. I hate it. I usually put more wrinkles in than I take out of whatever poor thing I happen to be ironing.

Guests are arriving one week from Friday so I need to have everything done and the room aired out so it doesn’t smell like fresh paint for them. Personally I love the smell of fresh paint but it could get nauseating in a close space. I don’t want sick guests!

Be gone white!

IMG 7944


Can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished.  Of course I loved the touches of blue since that’s one of my favorite colors.  What does the bedspread look like.  You’ll have to put up pictures of the finished product!

I have totally been missing your posts…I just spent some time catching up.  Wow!  From ticks to paint - you’ve been busy.  I’m totally terrified of color.  My home is white and I accent with accessories, etc. and I’ve been here 20 years.  There must be a name for this fear.  I give you a lot of credit going after that tick!  And, as far as FB goes, I’m there but half-heartedly…I really prefer blogging (wish I had more time) and truly enjoy yours!

Carolyn, the new spread has blue in it too .. and some green ... and some yellow. I will post pics when it’s all back together again!

Helene, yes busy busy! You shouldn’t be afraid of color! Glad you are enjoying the blog when you get a chance to read!

You must have great views from this bedroom with 3 lovely big windows. Good luck with the decorating.

Joyce, the view is mostly of trees, so a very green view in the spring and summer!

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