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Monday, June 24, 2013

Who Flipped the Switch to SUMMER?!

IMG 0054

It would seem that the minute the calendar turned over the first day of summer, summer really began this year. We've had very warm, humid days and the pool is warming up nicely. Yesterday we spent the entire day in and around the pool. The water temperature is at a very refreshing 78 degrees; a bit chilly when you first get in but it feels wonderful once you are wet. You never know about the weather so we tend to take full advantage of good pool days when they come around. Although, this week is supposed to very hot and humid so maybe, just maybe, it will be night time skinny-dipping very soon.

I am out of shape for swimming and just managed 10 lengths. When I am used to it I normally do 30. So, I have some catching up to do. If I do 10 lengths every day I should be up to form pretty fast.

Our new cabana is lovely. With the palms, the area rug and new furniture inside, a fan that sprays cold water, it's our own little oasis. We feel like we are on vacation at a cushy resort. I think the cabana looks like something out of Arabian Nights, so we decided to call is it our chic sheik shack! Funny, eh?

The cicadas are still here but they are on the wane. We see them more now as they fly by or lie spent and dying on the grass and decks. It's sad. I keep  turning them over and they keep flipping themselves on their back again to kick at the air. I am so used to the background noise by now that it will be strange when we longer hear them. The local newspaper did print my cicada photo (this one) and gave it an inside front page spread. I was thrilled! This makes the third photo of mine to make it into the paper.

The day lilies are just now starting to bloom by the pool. We have plenty of dragonflies and even a few damsel flies which we've never seen around the pool before. The fireflies are finally showing up in greater numbers. We haven't seen as many this year it seems, but maybe they just needed a little warmth too to get them started. We sat outside last night by the pool and watched two bats swooping overhead. We used to have many more before the white nose fungus hit them so hard, so it's nice to even just see two and know that the disease didn't take them all.

I know this post isn't about Cartagena, but at least it's something! I am still sorting through the photos and trying to decide which ones to toss and which ones to feature on the blog. Don't despair, those vacation posts are coming!


Sounds like you’re feeling better??  Love the chic sheik shack!

C, it comes and goes. My sister thinks I might have mono. Yesterday I felt great, today not so great. smile

That looks like a wonderful spot to hang out…so pretty.  Take care lady - feel better soon (a trip to the doctor could be a good idea)

I still think you have mono. Get tested to be sure. They just take a little blood (only a tube!!!)

The cabana is so beautiful. Love the potted palms and the idea of having a cooling spray inside. Whaaaat??  Good relief from the humidity, which we have had a lot of since NC is now sitting under a “Bermuda High.” I know there is more humidity to come for ME, tho, so I’m getting prepared!

Yeah! and many cudos for getting your excellent photo in the newspaper. They would have been idiots if they hadn’t published it. Keep it up!

Nice reflection in the photo. I just love the palms.

The pool looks great! It even LOOKS like a resort hotel pool. As for the cicadas, their time has come, I suppose.

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