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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doe (a deer) a Female Deer and Birds

Posted by: Lynne

Yesterday morning this little lady graced us with her prescense, not once, not twice, but three different times throughout the morning. The first time she came we were shocked to see her since we were running the generator in preparation for taking our morning showers. The noise did not even phase her. Even though the following is not the greatest photo in the world it shows you how close she was to the cabin. This is looking out our dining room window.

We often just sit our our table, which is a bar height table that affords the best view of the meadow. It's like watching a nature show unfold before our eyes. We like to call it Cabin TV. The birds come and go, the varieties change each time you look. 

Yesterday was a cool bird day. We had several of these Black-Headed Grosbeaks visiting.

Also this red-naped sapsucker.

Of course we also had the stellar jays, the silly pine siskins, juncos and a goldfinch.

Just a brief shower today and in and out sun. Not a bad day weather-wise. The temperature did climb to 63°F although it didn't feel like it with a brisk cool breeze.

We are still trying to acclimate to having land legs again so we didn't do too much. The altitude is kicking our butts a little but each day getting out and walking is helping.

The day got even more exciting with yet another visitor to our meadow. More to come.


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