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Friday, May 08, 2015

Feeding Time

Posted by: Lynne

With only two weeks to go before we leave for the cabin (yikes!) my mind is already there. My head is whirling around trying to take that in. So much to do before then!

I thought it might be fun to post what feeding time used to look like. I have to wonder just what were we thinking with such a crew of dogs and cats?!

(from back: Millie, Bode, Bart, Sailor, Daisy, Alex, Indy & Heidi)

(Left to right: Vincent Van Goatee, eBay, Two Shoes & baby Sam)


We used to pack anywhere from 7 to 11 dogs (we had 10 at one time, and were dog-sitting a friend’s dog) and 3-4 cats all into the Suburban, along with all other supplies needed for a long weekend. The back of the truck looked like a writhing ball of black fur.

LOL! I love that top picture of the dogs. You had EIGHT of them? What year was this?

Pretty funny, heh Steve? Yes, when we moved here to NJ we had 7. At one time we had 10!

I think the year must have been 2003 judging by the dogs.

How absolutely fun!!!!!  I laugh harder every time I scroll from the dog pics (7!!!)  Then to the cat pics!  Those days must have been chaotically (is that even a word?) hilarious!

Lynne, that looks so much fun. The cats don’t look terribly skinny either…how much food per day for all cats & dogs?

Kettie, I think there are eight dogs in the photo grin

Phil, we went through food pretty fast. And, at that time we were feeding premium priced foods and mixing it with hand-prepared supplements like cooked and chopped up meat. Each dog probably got 3 cups of kibble per day plus whatever we added to that. The cats don’t eat that much, probably a few tablespoons of kibble and a little canned food each.

OMG!!!! What a crew.  Totally unbelievable.  Can you even remember how difficult that may have been?  But, we forget, because we do what we love at the time without even thinking.  Because we love our family.

Bigsis, actually other than feeding it was a lot less work than you would think. Having that many dogs was not a big deal. They all kept each other happy and occupied. In retrospect it seemed like a good idea at the time and everyone was happy. But really they did not get as much individual attention as they should have.

Now the cats ... well, I have no clue with only one litter box up there how we managed. smile

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