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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Going to Get the Mail

Posted by: Lynne

Saturday when we drove down to get the mail we saw this strange phenomenon in the sky. Not a rainbow, not a sun dog. It's called cloud iridescence and is caused by water droplets or small ice crystals scattering the light. I have never seen this before. Here is a closer look.

It was beautiful to see but it didn't last long. I'm so glad we managed to catch it!

There are many sights to see on the way to get the mail. This old root cellar belongs to a very old homestead.

Our postal journey also crosses through Chimney Rock Ranch were there are many strange and wonderful sandstone formations scoured by the elements. One in paticular that we have named Darth Vader for reasons that are obvious. At least we think so! Those staring eyes, oh so creepy and the helmet of course!

The day was so beautiful and the clouds were stupendous. At one point there was such beauty all around me that I asked Rick to pinch me. I kid you not. I have missed the west with its sweeping vistas so much.

Tiny arches are forming in this rock.

It's not a 25-minuate chore at all to get the mail. You never know what you might see. Today on our way out to town we encountered a cow moose at the Bucky Beaver's dam. She was standing right in the middle of the road and spooked when she saw our truck. She startled us by jumping right into the deep pool in the creek formed by the dam and swimming! Of course by the time I got the camera ready she was on shore and back in the willows. 

On our way back in there were two cow elk in the same spot that we saw the moose on the way out. They quickly made a hasty retreat into the willows to safety.

What do you see when you get your mail or on the way in and out of town?


Simply - Wow! It’s almost worth it to make a 25 minute drive just to get a bunch of flyers and pleas for donations if you can see all that along the way! Getting the mail at our house involves a short stroll up the driveway and then up the street a bit. With any luck, though, we might spot the Bard owl that’s been hanging around our neighborhood.

Marty, I know, right? Nothing wrong with strolling up your drive and spotting a Bard owl! Woohoo, or is that hoo-hoo? wink

Sounds like a nice trip to pick up your mail.  I was driving to Loveland’s recycling center today via Taft (and King Soopers) and saw a couple cars parked in the bike path.  They were looking at a group of eight beautiful elk in a pasture.  Wish I could have stopped.

Oh how beautiful!  I cross the street to get my mail, might see a roadrunner or a rabit!

Not far at all to get my mail.  If I’m really lucky, I’ll see a squirrel or a woodchuck.

Sally, there is always something to see isn’t there?

Kettie, seeing a roadrunner isn’t too shabby!

Carolyn, that’s just fine too!

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