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Friday, April 01, 2016

Mailing Address Success!

Posted by: Rick

Okay, I've made this claim before but I think we finally have success at establishing a mailing address.

I've sent two letters recently. And, a neighbor (who is checking our mail box and letting us know when mail succeeds) sent a few postcards to our address. All have arrived! (Our neighbor has not checked recently since there is too much snow to get out to the mailboxes.)

I will continue to send something about once a week until we start to forward mail. Of course, at that point there will be plenty of mail addressed to the cabin to establish reliable and on-going delivery.

Still, it is a weird address. And, not "legal" according to the USPS. One small example that came up yesterday is probably only the tip of the iceberg. I changed my phone over from AT&T to Verizon. I've been a loyal AT&T customer for many, many years, but we cannot get their cell signal at the cabin. We can get Verizon...sometimes. Anyway, I needed to establish an online account to set up billing, etc. When I typed in the cabin address, it would not accept it since it was not an address recognized by anyone (after all it is a "virtual" address that no GPS would recognize, and the USPS does not recognize it either).


Wow. You truly are off the grid. I hope the mailing address jells.

Well, that’s progress, anyway! It might turn out to be a blessing to only get intermittent cell reception. (Though when you want it, you want it!)

You should also check out a cell booster to help with that Verizon signal if you have not already.  I carry a mobile 3G one in my truck in case of emergency when camping and I have one made for the house that I will take with me in the camper if I am going to a place that has a poor signal.  It works pretty good, easy to setup, runs on AC/DC with adapter. If you can get a weak signal it will usually bump it up enough so I can make calls and very low speed data for an email.

Once you get moved I need to come visit some afternoon.  I really enjoy following your progress on the cabin and retirement.  In 10 years I will be ready for the same.

Dennis ‘Duff’ Dyer

Duff, I know a guy up there that has a booster for his weekend cabin. He’s agreed to loan it to me and see if it works. If I stand on the picnic table, facing north, and lift one foot up, I can usually get a Verizon signal.

You are welcome any time!

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