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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cloud Study: Iridescence

Posted by: Lynne

The other day when we were having high winds I noticed this beautiful cloud displaying what's known as iridescence. I quickly grabbed the camera and headed out.

Iridescence in clouds is caused by light waves being dispersed as they pass around extremely tiny ice crystals, with the wave lenghts spead out by different amounts. Therefore the sunlight gets separated into alternating fringes of color. (from The Cloud Collector's Handbook) 

But who really cares what all that means? All I know is that it's beautiful.

The cloud hung overhead for quite a long time, shifting colors and intensity.

It finally faded and ended up looking (to me, at least) like a trout rising to take the bait.


Wonderful photos. Some of the brightest and most colorful I have seen! Thanks for sharing.

Very cool! My favorite is the first photo.  It sort of looks like a lens aberration and its great that there were other clouds in the shot to compare it to. If this were to be captured unexpectedly by one of our customers I can just see them calling in to complain something is wrong with their camera.. but no.. what is in the image is what it looked like in real life. (happens all the time.. haha).

I remember those skies.  Beautiful.  I’ve been watching the Colorado winds in the news.  Longmont fires.  I remember not long ago you were wishing for a chinook wind, mom always said be careful what you wish.

Thanks for the post…Glad to see you back.

Mark, thank you, glad you enjoyed them!

Toni, thanks!

Hey there Tom! smile

Enjoyed the postings.  I hear about it in our talking but it’s great to see the pics.  Congratulation Lynne on the BD picture.  Anxious to see it. Love

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