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Friday, November 04, 2016

“Big Boy” the Elk

Posted by: Rick

I think we may call both a big moose and a big elk "Big Boy". Or, maybe Lynne has a different name for the big elk we are now seeing on the game cameras. (Would love to see him in person!) Is this the same elk that we saw a couple of years ago with a large herd walking through our meadow?

Big Boy the elk at the salt lick.

Maybe the same elk from a few years ago?

We have all game camera shots that we think are worth keeping in one of our photo galleries. You can see it here, or link to it from the links on the right side of this page--just scroll down to "Photo Galleries". The most recent shots are on the second page, including three nice shots of Big Boy.


Oh my gosh! Your game camera pics are amazing!  BEATS the heck out of my Sandia mountain/cloud pics I’ve taken lately!  Having those game cameras has to be very exciting, to see every day what they picked up.  Can you view them live or how does that work?

Those game cameras are fascinating. I’d love to set some up here, although our visitors are a bit smaller . . .I hope. There have been bear sightings as close as a half mile away.

Kettie, no we can’t see them live. They have SD memory cards in them where they store the photos or videos. Every 4 or 5 (or 6, or 7) days, we’ll take a hike around to each of them and simply swap their card with an empty one. Then, once back at the cabin, I put the cards in the computer to see what we got.

Marty, this morning while checking the cameras, we came across a huge pile of bear scat on the trail. It did not walk in front of a camera, so still no photo evidence, but we do have at least one big bear around. And, that was only a few hundred yards from the cabin.

Maybe a NJ bear decided to join you in Colorado!  It decided it was time to get out of Dodge with all the hunting going on.

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