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Friday, September 23, 2016

Great Horned Owl

Posted by: Rick

The other day as we got back to the cabin after a walk with the dogs, Lynne started pointing toward the front of the cabin and placing her hands next to her head with her index fingers pointed upwards. I got the dogs into the cabin quickly because I thought she was signaling the presence of a moose, elk or deer with antlers. However, she was pointing to a Great Horned Owl that was sitting on top of a dead tree right in front of the cabin. We quickly grabbed cameras.

This is a shot of the owl looking away, so we see the back of his head.

It was getting dark, so mostly what we got were silhouettes of the owl. But, I tweeked a few photos so you can see a little of his mottled coloring.

Profile shot.

Looking toward me, you can kind of see his eyes and the white ring around his neck.

And here is a video where you can hear the two types of calls we often hear. The first is an "alert" call, and we've also seen that it can be a mating call. The final call is what we typically expect; the common "who who" call.


I absolutely LOVE owls. This spring we were fortunate to have a Barred Owl take up residence on our street. It was easy to spot, sitting on a low branch of the big oak right in front of our house and through the spring and summer we could hear its “Who cooks for you” call.  Gorgeous.

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