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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Snowed Out

Posted by: Rick

When describing our off-the-grid cabin to people, one of the most common questions is about whether we risk being snowed in. The answer is yes and we will prepare for that in many ways. 

What never came up was whether, when we finally arrived after our cross-country move, we'd be "snowed out". We are.

We arrived just after noon today. It was during a thunderstorm. And, we found that our driveway is still under 2 to 3 feet of snow. This is not really surprising for mid-May, but I was seriously hoping that it would be clear.

Bella doesn't seem to mind.

But, Lynne and I had to make several trips from the top of the drive to the cabin with essential supplies.

We will need to deal with this over the next few days. Maybe we can move it with a neighbor's snow blower. Or, it might require a call to Oscar (who did the excavation for us last summer).

We are "moved in" somewhat. It seems odd that we can't drive down to the cabin, but when I powered up the satellite Internet system it came right up (allowing me to write this post). The heater is running, but should cut off soon at 60 degrees. There is a fire in the wood stove. We have running water--even hot water. The refrigerator is running. And, we've done a quick surface cleaning. Everything is in pretty good shape.

It was nice to see the new solar panels and batteries. And, to see that even through the clouds were were getting some good charge. We are fine on electricity it seems.

Lynne and I have not yet sorted out the process for both of us posting to this site. So, for a while you may see redundant posts and multiple posts on the same day. Bear with us, we'll sort it out and come up with a strategy. (Which may be for us to do redundant posts and multiple posts on the same day.)


Glad you “made” it.  Can’t wait to read about your adventures.  Welcome HOME!

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