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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday Catch-Up

Posted by: Lynne

Hey everybody! Hailey here. Yesterday we walked down to Bart's Creek and I chose the wrong place to cross. It was deeper than I thought and I face-planted in the muddy bank. I didn't like it much even though I am smiling here. 

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You've heard me refer to the "Ewok Forest" which some of you old Star Wars' fans might remember from "Return of the Jedi" where they have a high speed chase through very tall, closely packed trees. Now that the pine beetles have culled our trees there are fewer straight pines than before, but we still think of it that way. Here it is in late afternoon.

We've had quite a bit of rain. It even filled up the moose tracks.

The moose hasn't been back visiting the meadow in a few days now. We have caught him on the game camera though, and know he's been close to the meadow by the fresh pile of moose pellets we found in the Ewok Forest this morning. We've had deer every day and last night night watched three deer at the salt lick while sitting on our screen porch. 

No more new birds have visited. We still have the Evening Grosbeaks, Purple Finches, flocks of silly Siskins, and the ever-present stellars.

This herd of seven deer visited the other day too. I snapped this photo as they headed over the hill to the neighbors. It would have been a perfec shot if they had been elk instead of deer (according to the street sign)!

Sometimes the sheer wild beauty of this place makes itself apparent and even Bella notices.


Cuz Hailey,
Yous needest to looky better before you leapest.  U cud have drownded!  Yous always r smiley, so keepest it up! 

Luv and bones,
Lucy and Sookie

Poor Hailey.  She doesn’t look like she’s smiling - she looks more embarrassed!  grin  We’re getting the rain here now - just pouring!!

I love the shot of the moose print filled with rainwater. And more amazing scenery! Funny that there are street signs, even out there in the middle of nowhere.

Cuzs’ Lucy and Sookie, I knowses!

Carolyn, I don’t think she liked being dirty. She’s a prissy-paws just like her daddy was. I saw the severe storms that were rolling through back there. Yikes.

Steve, those shots were taken on our land. Where Bella is standing is the top of our driveway. Both sides of the road is our land. The stupid county made us put the street signs up a while back so they can find us in an emergency. smile

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