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Thursday, May 05, 2016

The Cupboards are Bare

Posted by: Lynne

And so is the closet.

Little bit by little bit we are letting go of this house which has sheltered us through Superstorm Sandy and various nor'easters and stifling humidity. It's been the only home that Bella has ever known. The only pool we've ever had. Good times.

But, it's time to move on. I know when we get there I won't mourn the loss of all the things that the estate sale person put price tags on yesterday. I can only hope that I restrain myself from tearing items out of peoples' arms tomorrow tearfully blurting out you can't have that, it's mine!  I find myself looking around at all the beautiful things we've collected over so many years and wonder why I didn't appreciate them more. I think it's because we had too much. I know you are thinking how can anyone have too much? But it's true. We once had too many dogs. We loved them all but we also had too many to concentrate on each and every one of them. The same with all the stuff we have. We have too much to use it and appreciate it one on one. 

The closet above with jammed with clothes we didn't wear. If you have the space to accumulate things, you do. When you don't have the space, you have to really care about each and every object you have around you (or on you!). Which to me is more meaningful than having more.

I hope we don't regret selling some things we've had with us for 25 years. I hope we don't, and I honestly don't think we will. We've changed over the years and so have our tastes. 

Even though the cabin (we need to stop calling it that!) is furnished with a ragtag assortment of flea market finds and American Furniture Warehouse, it somehow works. We don't have much closet space at all and will have to rotate clothing throughout the different seasons. But that's okay. We don't need much.

On to the simpler life ...


Beautifully said - and so very true.

I read a book that said you should get rid of things that don’t give you joy. I am working on that and it feels good!  Good luck with your sale. Simpler feels so much better.

You probably will regret one or two things. I regret a few things I got rid of over the years. But in the end, it’s just stuff. It doesn’t matter much.

And simpler is DEFINITELY the way to do. As you said, when you own a lot, you don’t even truly experience it all!

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