Sunday, May 18, 2014

Maiden Voyage in the LadyBug

This weekend was the maiden voyage of the LadyBug! We decided to just go simple and stay close to home and drive over the border to Pennsylvania to the Delware Water Gap. Not knowing much about campgrounds in the area I had made a reservation at a KOA in Stroudsburg, PA. Our spot was okay, not great, but for the amount of time that we had there it was fine. The bathrooms were very nice and clean with paintings of little chipmunks and such on the walls.

  • We learned to pick out your own spot from the campground map online when making a reservation instead of letting them decide where you should be. This campground had some lovely, more private grassy sites in the back which we found while walking the dogs. (NOTE: sites 141-161)

We had been assigned another spot right next to this one but it was swamped with water left behind from their big rainstorm of the day before. Plus, this one was a pull-through and easier than backing in without much wiggle room. (NOTE: Site Number 1)

  • However, we also learned you should check the site for good awning-pitching spots or you might just have to get creative with how you stake it out. 
  • And to not unhitch the trailer before you get it up on the leveling blocks. We thought we could pull her up, but it was too heavy.

Do you need a better look at our creativity? Hey, it worked! I swear, after 30 years of living in the "Rocky" Mountains of Colorado we never had this problem before!


The awning wasn't perfect and could have been stretched out a little more but it was the best we could do. 

The dogs were very confused. First off, Bella could not fathom why that thing was following us. She did not have her normal view out the back window. mom, make it go away ... !  Then they had to stay in the truck while we got the awning and the x-pens set up so we had somewhere to put them. The minute they got into their little enclosure Bella figured out a way to sneak in-between the gap where the x-pens meet the trailer and out she went. We need to figure out a better way to handle this problem, but once they got used to the idea that this was their space we didn't have any more escapees. 

  • Do not feed the dogs upon arrival when they are too excited or puking up of dinner might occur.

I'm not sure why campgrounds have such late check-ins. We couldn't check in until 2:00 p.m. and we had to check out by 11:00 a.m. By the time we got in, got everything set up, etc., we didn't have much time to just sit and enjoy. A three-day weekend is definitely the best way to go so you get at least one full day around the campsite. 

Our weather was a  touch chilly but thankfully no rain. The downside was that most of the grassy areas were swampy from the rain and there were lots of puddles for Bella to explore.

We managed cooking and sleeping just fine and we were comfortable. I was very proud of how well behaved the girls were once we settled in. They didn't bark -- well, just a few barks when another dog walked by -- and quickly picked up on what we were doing. I'm not sure, however, that they understood exactly why we were doing what we were. Hailey actually took to it better than Bella did which was kind of surprising. I thought the old lady of the family would have a harder time adjusting than Bella who is so happy-go-lucky.

Can you see our ladbug spinner and our flag? Again, too rocky to push their stakes into the ground. 

We had lots of people drive by and tell us how cute we were (meaning the LadyBug) and they loved our set-up. She draws a lot of attention!

She was no problem to tow and like a good little T@B, she went where she was towed to. All in all, a very successful and satisfactory maiden voyage! Next time we will aim for a forest campground instead of a family-oriented one. Dingman's Ferry Campground looked good when we drove by, or I should say what we couldn't see of it since it was back in the woods.

Next time out will be to Mystic, Connecticut in mid-June!

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