Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The L@dyBug’s Mystic Adventure: Part Two

I've blogged about the second half of our trip over at my personal site. The post was too photo heavy to try and reproduce it here since I could not just copy.

Go HERE to read and enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The L@dyBug in Mystic, CT

I've had several nudges from both my sister and my husband to blog about our trip to Mystic last weekend. It's hard to believe that was one week ago! I swear, the older I get the quicker time passes by. I have no excuses for not blogging about it. Lazyiness, perhaps.

The weather was not great when we started out and it was pouring rain. The trip was supposed to take a little over three hours. It ended up more like 4 hours, 45 minutes. There was an accident that snarled traffic in which we sat in a hour long "stau" (traffic jam) and then we hit several other slow-downs because of construction and sheer volume of traffic. I-95 is a mess between here and just past New Haven, CT. So very populated! We finally arrived at our destination and friend Carolyn was right there to meet us while we were checking in.

So far our two outings with the L@dyBug have been after the area we are going to has been inundated with rain. Such was the case last weekend as well. I had reserved a really nice, secluded spot in the campground. When we arrived we were informed that they had to move us because our reserved campsite was water-logged. Bummer. They gave us our choice of several spots and we chose one that had a vacant area on one side. There were even cows in the pasture across from our spot.

The campground was a really nice one. There are part of the Sun RV Resorts and I can say that I will seek out a franchise of theirs again. All the sites were a good distance away from the neighbor's and included wi-fi and cable TV. There were no sewer hook-ups because they are on a septic system -- something we are finding very common here in the east.  Not a problem, we just dump our grey and black water at the dump station on our way out. The restrooms were clean and well kept, the pool looked beautiful (we did not partake) and they were building a mini putt-putt course. They had lots of things for kids to do, and a great store where we bought a coaxial cable for the cable TV which we had yet to purchase, and also had to purchase another water hose for hooking up to the water since ours would not reach. We also realized we had forgotten to throw in our bed pillows. Doh ! ~ (hitting forehead).

We were certainly a duck out of water here since everybody else's rig (RV speak) was much bigger than ours. We had several people comment that they loved our "rig". How many people can say their tow vehicle is twice the size of the trailer they are towing?

<snip> see that trailer behind us? The guy was a cigar smoker and his disgusting smoke wafted our way more than once. And, I might add, I always get the seat on the plane with a little kid "kicker" or tray-snapper behind me. sigh.

Because we were afraid of the forecast which was calling for heavy rain overnight, we did not put up the awning. I think she looks so cute without it! The rain we were so hoping would not happen and spoil our little cook-out, did indeed not happen. It was a little rushed given our late arrival and I wish we had had more time to unwind and just chill with Carolyn. But, it worked. Carolyn opted to drive back and forth each day since she was only an hour away, so we wrapped up our evening early so she could avoid the impending storm that the radar was showing.

To be continued ...

Next up: A visit to Mystic Seaport, Mystic Pizza and the Mystic Aquarium
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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Off to Mystic, CT!

On Friday we are off for a 3-day weekend event to Mystic, CT with the L@dybug. This will be our first time out without the dogs along. We are meeting up with friend Carolyn (who lives in Rhode Island). For once we are headed her direciton instead of her coming our way.

The weather looks a bit iffy right now for our planned BBQ at the campsite tomorrow night, but we have a back-up plan of Pasta Pomodoro inside. We are hoping the rain passes and we can still have our little grill-out. 

I'm not quite sure what we are going to do while there, but there are plenty of things to see and do, some of which will depend on the weather. I know they have a wonderful aquarium, and of course walking along the sea front. Mystic Pizza is on our menu plan, I mean how could we not go and see the shrine of the movie? We've heard good and not so good things about it but we are going anyway for lunch on Saturday. Dinner out on Saturday night for some fresh seafood!

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