Thursday, March 27, 2014

Good News!

We just got good news! Our 2014 T@B is being outfitted with a bunch of new features that were targeted for the 2015 model and that we did not expect to get. Here is the text of a note from our dealer:

You should be getting the new features on your T@B since all new ones coming off line will have:
New screen door (your outside shower will not interfere I am told)
LED porch lights
LED license plate lights
New style interior LED lights with brighter, cooler and more modern appearance
USB-12V combo outlet
New Screens/shades
New higher quality side window
New portal window blind for the door
110 external doorside rear outlet
Stainless steel style formica countertop & table top with aluminum banding
Sink cover that provides more counter space and doubles as a cutting board
New industrial TV Mount
Redesigned solid wood A/C housing for S & CS-S models

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Posted under: Our T@B Trailer • by Rick on 03/27/2014 at 07:11 PM
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