Thursday, June 06, 2013

Catching Up: Sandy Photos

I am trying to catch up before we leave for Cartagena, Colombia next Wednesday. ~Gasp~ did I say next Wednesday? I don't feel prepared at all. So, before too much time goes by I wanted to share the photos I took of Sandy damage while at the shore two weeks ago. 

Words are not necessary. The images say it all but I will fill you in a little bit as we go along. If you are one of those people who think everything is back to normal on the Jersey shore, please take a look.

These photos were taken as we walked down the street where our friends' house is and in the surrounding neighborhood (Bay Head). As you will see, the sand covers everything.

IMG 9386


IMG 9387


IMG 9388


IMG 9391


IMG 9393

In this photo, notice the bent stop sign.

IMG 9394

A typical street.

IMG 9395

We took a drive to "ground zero" aka Mantoloking. All these shots were taken while driving with my camera pointed out the window, so please excuse!

IMG 9399

You will notice the piles of sand where none used to be and porches propped up where supports used to be. Also, the trees have mostly all died from being inundated with the salt water. So sad.

IMG 9407


IMG 9410


IMG 9413


IMG 9419


IMG 9427


What is left of some of the houses and empty spaces where they used to be.

IMG 9425


IMG 9428


IMG 9430


IMG 9431

And to end, the house that our friends looked at and considered buying.

IMG 9433


It is almost too hard to even look at those sad photos of the Jersey Shore! It will be a long time before things are back top normal there, if ever.

Thanks for sharing those interesting shots!

Wow.  Just wow.  Thanks for sharing.

Good grief!  If nothing else you’d think they’d at least have the sand cleared out of the streets and yards by now!  I bet your friends are so glad they didn’t buy that house!  Very sad for the people who own it now.

Wow. That is some scary stuff. I’m sure a lot of those homeowners are caught in some kind of “insurance limbo,” waiting for settlements so they can make repairs. (Just a guess.) Thank goodness your friends didn’t buy that house!

Bigsis, I had tears in my eyes as we drove along. Just too sad.

Maggie, I know.

C, they have moved a bunch of sand off the main roads. There is no way they can get rid of it all, it’s costly and time consuming and they don’t have the money. So many more things have to come before removing excess sand like all the infrastructures like utilities, etc that were destroyed. It’s really bad down there and no one realizes just how bad it is. That’s why I wanted to share the photos.

The house our friends almost bought had a for sale sign out in front but it was already sold! Many people are buying the land and removing the debris or what is left of houses.

Steve, yes, many people are waiting for insurance money to start renovations. Others have given up and put their property up for sale. They are glad they didn’t buy that house too! smile

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