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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Do Bears Shit in the Woods?

Sorry for the graphic title folks, but I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase before. Now finally, we have quantitative proof that the answer to this question that we have long wondered about is NO. Bears do not shit in the WOODS; they do it in our back yard! I was gone for a short time today and when I came home I let the dogs out and went out to scoop which I couldn’t do earlier today because it was pouring rain. What I found was not doggie droppings. No indeed. My first thought was BEAR! It was blackish, like a cow’s in consistency, full of seeds. The dogs didn’t want to go near it. I looked over at the fence and sure enough, the rail was down again just like last week. The bird baths were still standing upright, so he/she has learned that much; no food here. When Rick came home I showed it to him and he agreed that it was indeed bear. Was it just a convenient spot to relieve itself, or was it sending a message to the dogs [like our coyote used to do at our cabin] that the yard is just as much its territory as it is theirs? Maybe I should set up the video camera when I leave the house as this is the second time, and at the same time of day, as it happened last week. Is it Ursa? Or maybe the young teenage bear that was our first visitor?


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