Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Float trip

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey
It’s hot. Just a few short days ago I was wearing my capris. Now it’s strip down time! Whew ... today was in the low 90s and sweltering. I knew when I got up this morning and the sky was sheet metal gray with a fine haze lingering in the woods. A strong signal for humidity and hot weather ahead.

I am all alone right now with Rick on a business trip in L.A. I don’t really envy him since he said it was smoggy, crowded,  and hot there, but I do miss him. I haven’t left the house (via car) in two days. I don’t think the dogs are going to want walkies tonight since as I type at 6:30 p.m. the thermometer still hovers at 88 degrees F. Ouch. They would burn their little tootsies on the pavement! I am eating off of what is in the fridge and cabinets and doing rather well. Tonight since it’s so hot I am having a fresh Jersey tomato sliced, with a drizzle of olive oil and seasoned with lots of salt and pepper, and an avocado. Oh yes, and fresh basil grown right here on my deck and a shave or two of Asiago cheese on top of those luscious tomatoes. A glass of white wine added in never hurts either.

Today I couldn’t help but jump in the pool for some serious pruning of fingers and toes. I tried reading on the lounge in the sun but I started to sizzle after about 15 minutes or so. The pool welcomed my over-heated body into its cool depths.  ~ aaaaaahhhhhhh ~  The pool water has a different odor this year. Last year I’m certain that we weren’t putting the right thing in and it always smelled a bit like chlorine. This year it smells like a hotel pool, so I think we’ve finally gotten it right. It certainly is crystal clear.

After a few laps I hopped on the float and just vegetated, letting the current that the pool pump generated move me slowly around the pool. On occasion I would bump ever so gently into the side of the pool giving enough oomph to set me adrift in a different direction. My path was slow and languorous, allowing me to view things in slow motion. The day lilies drifted by in a haze of orange.  bump  Then came the view of the dense canopy of green all our lovely trees cast.  bump  Another view I can’t even remember now. My hands dangle in the cool water. Some bird is using its shrill call to send morse code. Ack! Something swam into my hand, fluttering against the palm and brought me out of my reveries. A bee of some kind which I quickly fling to the side of the pool. Okay, after a slow float around the pool for about 15 minutes, I’m ready to finish my laps and go back into the cool air-conditioned house.

Back inside I finally take my shower for the day. The dogs loll around with no ambition to go outside in the heat. We all watch a movie. Something about the behind scenes of the Partridge Family. Hmmm…how many of my readers remember this show? It’s nostalgic for me because I was the teeny-bopper audience they were looking for. I had the definite hots for David Cassidy. Big time. I had all the Tiger Beat magazines with him on the cover. 

“I think I love you ...” [he sang ...]

Now I wonder why I found him so attractive. Actually, he came off as being quite “girly.” I was only thirteen, so I guess I can cut myself a bit of slack here. But really. What was I thinking?

Dinner was delish.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey


Your dinner looks delicious (we had tabbouleh and slices of cold leftover chicken) but the pool is what really looks good today. It’s hotter than hell in DC!

I remember spending that kind of pool day at my parents place. Living in an area of many lakes and being surrounded by the ocean it is a rare day in the summer where some part of my day is not spent on or by the water. Yummy looking supper.

Ignoring my jealousy over your ability to bob in your own pool…. wink

You are inspirational to me. I just can’t bring myself to cook, especially when the cook aka the hubster is gone on a trip. The plate looked so yummy that I may actually make myself some dinner this week. Thanks!

So do you always make your dinner look so pretty or just when you are going to take it’s picture? :D

I had a huge crush on David Cassidy as well.  I also had to laugh at myself when I saw the reruns as an adult.  He was very girlie!

The pool looks divine.  I’d go wasted here today as it is a whopping 64 degrees! Our real summer always seems to start on the 4th of July. Strange, but true

Reya, your dinner sounds delicious too. I love tabbouleh.

Paula, dinner was yummy!

Krista, it’s hard to cook for yourself, I know, but I force myself to do it!

Susan, Well, it depends on what I’m eating whethe I dress the plate or not, but food tastes better to me when it’s presented nicely.
Maybe I need to move to your area because 64 degrees sounds pretty good!

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