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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The first iris bloom ... ever!

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

It’s been nearly three years in the making. Waiting. Hoping. Three years ago I planted some heirloom iris plants given to me by Becky. They survived their first New Jersey winter only to be partially dug up by Bella. My, she was a bad little puppy!

They’ve been looking the same for the past two years now. They come up but that’s been about it. This year I noticed the plants were much bigger than they had been with a lot more foliage. I had hope. We had a gardener come in and trim back our flower beds and unfortunately he trod on another iris that I think may have been going to bloom this year too, but not now. Clod. Two of the remaining six iris have buds and this one was the first to pop this morning.

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Since they got mixed up when Bella “transplanted” them (you need to follow the link above and read the story) I really don’t know which variety is planted where now. This one is either Silverado or Alabaster Unicorn. Both descriptions of the flower that I found did not help me much since either of them can be white-ish. My guess is Silverado. It’s a beautiful bright white with maybe tinges of blueish purple around the edges. It’s very delicate looking.

I could ask Becky what it is but unfortunately Becky doesn’t read my blog any more. Not only that but she took me off her blog roll. I was sad about that since I have no idea why she stopped reading and commenting. Her sister who used to read and comment stopped too. Maybe I did or said something to offend them? I don’t know. I kept commenting on her blog for a while but she never responded in kind or acknowledged my comments, so I stopped, assuming she did not want me commenting anymore.

Anyway, if Becky is out there and she does happen to see this blog post, Thank You Becky! What a wonderful gift. And please follow the other link above to read both my entry of receiving the gift of heirloom irises and the back story (linked) of Becky’s mother’s love affair with irises. It’s worth reading, trust me.

Now I can’t wait to see what color the other one in bud is! I really wanted Hot Dogs and Mustard to make it…

Lynne Robinson, Hewitt, New Jersey

Stay tuned for more vacation blogging! Coming up next in the vacation series: Reserva Natural Volcán Mombacho; Walking the crater’s rim


So pretty Lynne!  Reminds me of my grandmother.  She always had Iris…lots of them….of every color.

Debra, I was just so grateful that after all they’ve been through they still decided to bloom for me, even if it is only two of the them this year.

hah! my verification word is “give”

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