Sunday, July 09, 2006

Pool TV

I’m sure you are all getting a bit tired about hearing about THE POOL. But, it plays a significant part in our everyday lives right now. At the cabin we had, for years, what we referred to as Cabin TV, which was the FIREPLACE. We had no TV there until just before we moved. We would be entertained for hours just watching the flames lick the logs until it lulled us into slumber. Now instead of a fire we have the pool. Every night I say to Rick, I don’t feel like swimming, do you? He says nawh, me either. Okay then, let’s watch a movie since we haven’t figured out “on demand” yet. We walk outside onto the deck. The night takes us in, weaves its spell. Before you know it we’re in the pool. Once in, neither one of us can seem to stop swimming. The water temperature is at its best this time of the day. The fireflies aren’t as numerous tonight and we only spot two bats. Sated and tired we’re now ready for bed and we haven’t watched the TV at all. Sweet dreams, dear friends.


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