Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Miata Mania: Buttzville, New Jersey to Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania

IMG 0271

On Sunday we did something that Rick has been wanting to do for a long time now and that is meet up with the Miata club for a drive, or a "run" as they call it. Most of the runs have been too far away with the southern New Jersey club, or the other club that we knew of in Pennsylvania was too far as well. When he heard of the Del-Val (Delaware Valley) club's run on Sunday and it was only a one and one-half hour drive for us to meet up with them we decided to go.

Our meet-up was at Hot Dog Johnny's in Buttzville, New Jersey close to the Pennsylvania border. It's a fairly famous old-fashioned hot dog stand, and goodness knows, New Jersey folks love their dogs. We sampled the dogs (mine was mustard and onions, Rick's was mustard and ketchup) with a side of fries and a delicious cold birch beer. We found the president of the Miata club and introduced ourselves, adding our name to the sign-up sheet. Miatas kept pouring in, filling the already full-to-bursting parking lot. Johnny's does a hopping business!

IMG 0272

IMG 0275

We all gathered around for our driving instructions and a brief go-over of the run. It all seemed pretty well planned. The lead driver had a CB radio, as did a person mid-pack, and the person bringing up the rear would have a CB too so that we could all stay together, even if we got separated. Staying together seemed pretty unlikely to me since I counted 25 Miatas joining our little sports car parade.

We pulled out of the parking lot en masse as best we could with traffic conditions with Rick and I ending up fourth in the pack, then a little way down the road we all pulled off to let everyone catch up. Once we were all together, we were off!

IMG 0283

Our drive took us over winding little back roads. Through one-lane tunnels …

IMG 0281

and picturesque little towns …

IMG 0284


IMG 0285

over the river … (Delaware)

IMG 0286

and through the woods …

IMG 0289


The drive along the Delaware River on the Pennsylvania side was just beautiful.

IMG 0291


IMG 0292

We kept together pretty well and only got separated once at a stop light. Again, we all pulled over to wait. We got some strange looks from people driving by. Our mid-run stop was at an ice cream shop. We were quite the sight as we all pulled in next to each other, and still we didn't all fit side by side.

IMG 0299


IMG 0297


IMG 0301

The drive ended up at Childs Park near Dingmans Ferry where most people hiked a trail up to some waterfalls, but Rick and I headed home as it was getting pretty late in the afternoon and we still had the one and one-half hour drive home. 

All in all it was very well organized and a fun way to spend the day. The club is having another run this weekend about the same distance away, but it ends very close to where we live so we signed up for that one too. We get to see countryside we haven't seen before while finding new back roads to take, so what's not to like?


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