Friday, September 23, 2011

Day Eight 2011 Cabin Trip (Thursday)

Today, the only wild furry creatures we had to deal with were the dogs who had cabin fever after being cooped-up in the cabin for 5 hours while we ran into town for a “big shop”.

Every year, we get only what we need for 3-4 days as we come in through Laramie. Then, after living here for that amount of time, we’ve developed a comprehensive list of the things we need for both “maintenance” related activities and food for the rest of our stay. We really do try to minimize trips into town since even just a quick trip will usually take a minimum of 3-4 hours.

We needed a variety of items including a new weather station (I got an Acurite 01010W at WalMart for $99 and it seems to work very nicely). It is nice to know the temperatures, temperature extremes, wind, barometer, etc. Other things we got included wood screws, a light bulb, a drill bit, a rug, a spatula for the kitchen, etc. You get the idea—an eclectic collection of things that we need based on our first few days.

Then, of course food. Enough to last another 8-10 days, including a meal with guests. This means dry ice for the cooler since our small fridge can’t handle all the food. When we live here, we’ll need a second fridge.

Oh yeah, the highlight of the day is a run to the dump to get rid of the accumulated trash (including the busted weather station.)

We were so bushed by the time we got back that we did not do much. I did set up the weather station. But mostly we took the afternoon easy, a short walk with the dogs, Guadalupe Chili Pie for dinner and off to bed early. (It got down to 34 degrees overnight.)

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